Allison Blogs Big Brother – Eviction #2, HOH #3

That was an exciting episode – some tears, some extreme makeover revelations, the shrieking harpy is HOH again, and there were some pretty bad fashions.  

Team South Divided
When the show started the odds against Cassi were very much stacked. People really like Cassi but no one wants to upset Rachel. The first ten minutes of the show showed Cassi and Shelly repeatedly tell each other, “I love you, go campaign for yourself.” I knew these two got along but I didn’t realize how close they were. It was sweet but sad at the same time because they weren’t playing the game.
Shelly was feeling guilty that she voted with the Veterans and never told Cassi. Shelly, calm down, you didn’t kill anyone. Her crying in the diary room mixed with her country twang made me think somewhere Taylor Swift is writing a song. Finally, the situation became too much for Shelly that her 90’s alter ego DJ Shelly Shell came out. 
Classy vs Trashy
Cassi decides that she should approach Rachel and try to clear the air. Cassi was brave enough to tell Rachel that she thinks Rachel just doesn’t like girls. Rachel said it was because Cassi didn’t take the deal given by Brendon. Oh, and that Cassi is a terrible game player. That prompted Cassi to say “You’re just a catty, catty person,” and left the room. OH SNAP! I love how Cassi’s voice stayed pretty calm and her exit was perfection because she stay in control.
Rachel was not happy, and there were no bushes to hide in, so she runs upstairs to Jordan to cry and look for comfort. This looked like a sleepover gone bad, and we all have been to one of those sleepovers, am I right ladies? Rachel was hoping Jordan would comfort her but instead Jordan gave out some major ‘truth bombs’. One of the truth bombs was Rachel is a Mean Girl and that her sharp tongue gets herself in trouble. Oh, Rachel is getting a major reality check this week. Remember last season, Rachel hated Kristen who was, you guessed it, a hot girl. See a pattern here?
Classy vs Garbage Man (You know since Brendon is Rachel’s boyfriend)
When Brendon found out that Rachel was crying he states that if someone upsets his fiancé then he is done with him. Hey Brendon, a lot of things upset your girlfriend, like a poorly lit mirror. Brendon gets upset when Cassi swears she never lies. His logic gets very twisted and odd and finally says, “Do you need me to draw a picture?” Then cool and calm Cassi says, “Aren’t we adults, no I do not need a drawing.” Again this round went to Cassi, staying calm.
Now the show shifts to the live portion
Quick before she flies away in her khaki cape – Julie Time
I deem Julie’s outfit one mask away from a costume for “Safari Woman.” (Patent pending.) 
Seriously? Is she wearing a cape?
And here come the inane questions to the housemates. Are the competitions tough? Yes. Are you happy you have veto? Yes. Here’s a tough one: is having fun, fun? Ummmm, yes.
Who Do You Think You Are? – Hometown Visits
I guess the producers of the show assumed Adam and Dominic would stay on the block so their hometowns were highlighted on tonight’s episode. First up was Hoboken, New Jersey where we meet Adam’s girlfriend Fara. She was sweet and I appreciated the fact she thinks Adam doesn’t really have any game. We also learn that holy crap, Adam lost a lot of weight. He was so fat that he had an actual sweat rag. So his dedication for being on the show leads him to loose weight. Good for you Adam! Funny, my dedication to watching this show has led me to eat more.
Next we cut to a shot of what I thought was the Golden Gate bridge and I got excited thinking, impromptu Full House reunion? No, we were visiting Dominic’s hometown of San Mateo, California. This segment wasn’t anything too interesting. He has a lot of friends that are girls and his mother sheltered him so much that he was homeschooled. Dominic seems really good at a social game without experiencing the most important social interaction of your life. Or maybe he just watched a lot of episodes of Saved by the Bell to make up for this.
Stay Classy!  – Eviction Time
Cassi and Shelly made their last speeches and both of them knew that Cassi was going so they took the time to compliment each other. After the vote it was 9-0 to evict Cassi. Couldn’t someone give her at least one sympathy vote? Bye, Cassi.
Then while the cameras were back in the house while Cassi was preparing to talk with Julie, we heard Rachel peeing. It was so funny. It took me a while to figure it out but it definitely happened. What confirmed my suspicions even more was hearing Brendon say, “Hey is someone in there, Rachel are you in there?” Seriously someone watch an uploaded version and tell me that is not what happened.
During the interview Julie tricks Cassi into confirming, “It’s so hard to be beautiful.” Cassi tried her best to avoid it but she fell for it at the end. Shame, shame, Julie.
The goodbye messages were a lot nicer than last week’s. Even Jordan’s was very sweet. Maybe those two could be friends after this? And surprise, surprise, Rachel’s comment was just awful.
If ‘America’ spent so much time on a survey maybe fixing the economy is next? – HOH Competition
Finally, a competition where Julie gets to say, “Answers please.” Today’s competition was a series of 50/50 questions. Previously America was tasked to answer superlative questions about the Housemates. Poor America always gets homework, not us Canadians. The contestants had to guess who American picked for each question.
Here is a sample of the questions:
Who would you rather get mouth to mouth from? Jeff vs Brendon, Answer: Jeff (I agree)
Who would warm the pool with pee (gross): Adam vs Kalia, Answer: Adam (gross)
Then without warning it was between Rachel and Brendon, and then…RACHEL WINS AGAIN?! Son of a sweet blinking horse pile of sparkles! I promised myself I wouldn’t swear. Why? Just why?
So who is Rachel going to go for now? Who is the mystery celebrity coming to the house? Let me think, who has a crappy movie coming out soon and is also a member of the CBS family? I bet it’s Neil Patrick Harris.
Other Thoughts:

Oh Jordan is so sweet she when she put Shelly and Cassi up. See this kind of crying doesn’t seem as annoying as Rachel. And what was even sweeter was Jeff listened and was patience and they gentle laughed through the tears. Excuse me, I have to listen to Coldplay for the next two hours. Sniff…
During the competition I thought it would be hilarious if Lawon won. Hey the name Lawon has the word ‘won’ in it. How about that?

HA HA! Shelly’s dress is her version of fancy? More like Tin Man joined a drag show in the 70’s. Too harsh?
 So apparently Rachel ran out of clothes and decided to wear a garbage bag…with a belt.




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