Allison Blogs Big Brother – Eviction #3, HOH #4

So Danielle is most likely losing her buddy Dominic, and as we recall in elementary the ‘Buddy System’ works. The Veterans don’t trust Danielle anymore and the Newbies…well I guess they ate breakfast or something.
Let’s get right to it…
“Why does everyone want to backdoor me?”
Jeff demands answers as to who started this talk about backdooring him. Dominic doesn’t really give out too many answers because he is trying to protect Danielle. I thought it was funny the amount of times the word ‘backdoor’ was being thrown around, especially in the purple room which is just one big harem bed. Jordan had every right to listen to the conversation outside and be a little worried. I would.
Later Dominic tries a ‘hail Mary’ pass with Brendon and Jeff to stay in the house but it’s not working. According to Jeff if Dominic knew that Danielle was planning to back door someone Dominic should have said something, it’s just like someone not reporting a potential murder. Yes Jeff, leaving the Big Brother house and returning home to friends and family is just like murder. Then Brendon says that Dominic was an ‘accessory to backdooring.’ Now I am in a fit of giggles. Can we find another word for this?
House Meeting – Now let’s air our grievances
So an epic ‘house meeting’ fight happened in Big Brother but how did it all start? Surprisingly it was Kalia that started a chain of events. Kalia tries to talk to Brendon to see if she is still on their team and adds, “I have always been honest with you.” Then Brendon loses his patience. Apparently talking about one’s honesty really sets this guy off. Was he lied to as a child a lot? He says she’s a floater and can’t keep secrets. She walks away.  
Then he adds, “Do your own dishes.” Dayum, he went for her lack of dish washing skills? You know that’s every woman’s Achilles heel, just ask my roommate. Then all hell broke loose, and she starts yelling so the whole house can hear.
This is what sets off the ‘House Meeting.’ Here’s a round-up.
“Why does everyone hate me?” – Kalia
“You’re not trustworthy” – Brendon
“I didn’t do anything?” – Dominic
“We should be yelling at Danielle.” – Rachel
“Rachel, you’re an idiot.” – Danielle
“Don’t call my fiancé an idiot.” – Brendon
“Seriously, who wants to backdoor me?” – Jeff
Lawon didn’t say anything in the argument until the end which kind of wrapped up the whole thing.
“Y’all bitches better watch out!” Huh?
Julie Time
Hi Julie!
Julie’s outfit is a bit of an improvement but this linen material looks like denim so it’s like a high fashion Canadian tuxedo. Julie asks questions related to the ‘big fight.’ Most of the answers come with smiles and the traditional, “well this is a game” answers but Danielle was the only one who let out that she is still upset about what happened.
Say Good-Bye To Dom/ That Dom, Dom, Dom, Dom, Dom (To the tune of ‘The Thong Song’.)
It’s eviction time Adam and Dominic make there speeches. Adam’s is pretty wimpy but Dominic spits some fire. He calls the housemates ‘spineless jellyfish’ and that collectively the whole house is terrible at this game. He wishes he had some other people to play the game well with.
Everyone votes for Dominic except for Danielle who just wants to prove her she does her own thing.
I agree with everything in Dominic’s interview with Julie. He says he made the somewhat insulting speech to light a fire so the Newbies start fighting and playing. He also says that he and Danielle really had a true friendship which I believe. Then Julie asked the most important question again this season, “Why would you throw the Veto competition?” Because he had to. (Eyeroll)
The goodbyes were mostly nice. Lawon’s goodbye involved friendship being compared to a pimple. Then Jeff and Jordan did a joint goodbye message. As a joke Jordan said, “In the words of Rachel, ‘No one comes between me and my man.” It was adorably funny.
The Buddy System Fails
Julie gathers the houseguests again before the HOH competition and, not shockingly, announces that there are no more partners, no more golden keys!
Finally, game on!
High on the hill was a lonely Danielle/ Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo   HOH #4
This is the first live endurance competition of the season. The Big Brother courtyard is a winter wonderland and the housemates stand on skiis that are jetting out of a wall. Who ever can stay up there the longest wins HOH. Ok, there are a few catches, Julie points out that the first five houseguests out of the competition must choose a prize. Some prizes are bad and some are good, like $10,000. Cha-ching! This competition looks easy but then the skis begin to sweep back and forth quickly, which looks like an amazing workout for your abs but can be tiring in the future. Then before the show finishes the skis dip forward to make it harder to stay on. What I think is the truly hardest part of this competition is listening to that polka music all night long….without getting a chance to dance.
So who will win the HOH? How many of the spineless jellyfish will fall off early to get a prize? And will Jeff stop asking about the ‘back door?’
Other Thoughts:
  • Was it just me or was tonight’s episode really short?
  • Jeff and Brendon were such mean girls this episode.
  • If Brendon has issues with people saying they are honest, he definitely wouldn’t like me because according to Irish/Gaelic history my name can be translated into, “The little truthful one.” (If you have a friend named Allison, tell her this fun fact!)
  • Last time my apartment had a house meeting we made rules for our new BBQ.




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