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Here comes a Double Eviction night. These episodes are so exciting because they can really change the house in a short amount of time.
At this point of the show you would think Danielle is dunzo, but not so fast. Let’s watch the tape.

‘Flip Flop’ – The Sound of Shelly’s Game Strategy
Shelly realizes that the closer Jeff and Jordan get to the final the less likely that she and anyone else can win. She has a final three deal with Jeff and Jordan but knows that the couple might cut her loose any second. So she flips and starts gunning to save, shocker, Danielle.
What a bold move, Shelly. She tries to sway Adam but Adam is like, “No way man, they are my friends.” (I have more words for Adam later in the post)
Then Shelly takes it a step further and tries to convince Rachel, of all people, to keep Danielle. Shelly are you loco? But Shelly brings in the big guns and reveals to Rachel, “Jeff threw the Corn Hole competition.” Remember Rachel, Adam won and took himself off the block and then Brendon went home. Ergo, visa vie, ergo, Jeff is the reason Boo-Key isn’t here. As Rachel has stated many times, no one comes between her and her man.
Later Rachel gets Danielle to confirm Jeff’s story. So now Rachel tells Danielle she might want to keep Danielle to make sure Jeff and Jordan don’t go any further. Is this for reals?
A fight? I wanna see…
Julie informs us that a huge fight between Shelly and Jeff occurred moments before the show began. Apparently Jeff found out that Shelly has flipped sides and was going to keep Danielle. You can see the tension is still in the room. I wish we could see this epic fight.  
Danielle Leaves with Some Class
Since there is a lot to cover we jump right into the eviction. Danielle and Kalia make their speeches. Danielle says she is very grateful to be back on the show. That’s nice. Then informs the house that she is the only person who is using their brain and they are all sitting back helping write a cheque for Jeff and Jordan. The speech is long so Kalia is only left with enough time to say, “Vote for me.”
The vote is close. Rachel votes to evict Danielle and makes a rude comment. So was Rachel lying to Danielle earlier or did something happen before the votes?

During Danielle’s interview she explains that everyone is playing to help Jeff and Jordan. Also Danielle does not regret trying to backdoor Jeff and she really did it because things were getting very boring.
During the goodbye messages I was happy that Jeff’s wasn’t rude. Rachel’s on the other hand was just sad and dumb, she calls Danielle a ‘bitch’ twice. Julie lets Danielle make a rebuttal but Danielle thinks that Rachel’s message speaks for itself. It does Danielle. Good way to stay classy in the end. Have fun with Brendon.
Will you regret evicting Danielle Before or After this game? – HOH #7
Time for the booths. The game goes like this, Julie mentions an event that happened in the house, and the houseguests have to guess if this happened, before or after a second event.
Adam is out first and after the third question Porsche, Shelly, and Rachel are out in a clean sweep. That left Jordan and Kalia and with the next question Kalia wins!

Quickly Kalia, Porsche, and Shelly walk away arms around each other like a busted up version of Sex and the City to discuss nominations. Wow, when Shelly flips, she flips! I bet she’s really good at making pancakes. You can tell Jordan is pretty upset that she lost. After a short commercial break Kalia places Jeff and Rachel on the block. Kalia did mention in her goodbye message to Danielle that she will do everything to get rid of Rachel and Jeff. Here she goes.
Send in the clown…shoes that is – Veto Competition
This is a quick physical competition. The housemates run into a ball pit to retrieve two yellow clown shoes. Who ever can find the shoes and hit their buzzer first is the veto winner. By random draw, everyone gets to play in the Veto competition but Jordan. I can only see her from the distance but I can tell she is not happy. The competition starts and by the amount of sound dipping in and out I can tell the house mates are in top form of potty mouth. I guess the ball pits are a lot bigger than it seems because it is taking the housemates quite sometime to find them. Rachel is the first person to find a clown shoe, then Porsche, then most of the housemates. Then out of nowhere Porsche finds the second shoe and wins. Welcome to the game, Porsche!
They leave the cameras on and Shelly tries to talk to Jordan, who brushes her off. Oh, I don’t like cranky Jordan, it makes me sad. They only have a few minutes, what will Porsche do?
When all else fails, just say, “nice hair” – Veto Ceremony
Time for speeches. Rachel is first and she sounds really defeated and doesn’t really try to get Porsche to use the Veto. Jeff’s speech is similar but he does add that Porsche’s hair is nice. Porsche says she is not using the veto because it is “what Danielle would have wanted.”
Look at all the revenge Danielle gets from beyond the grave.
Two Veterans for the price of one
More speeches. Rachel’s speech is mature, calm and overall humble. She just wishes everyone luck and reminds them how much she loves to play the game. She actually sounded pretty genuine. I know what you’re thinking right now, and yes, I am scared too.
Jeff’s speech is mostly directed to Shelly. He is begging her to makes amends and not vote him out. It reminds me of the talking solo in most boy band songs. “Baby, I know I yelled at you, but you need to respect me/ just respect.” If Jeff had time to put on his farmer outfit from the Corn Hole competition he could have swayed the whole house.
During voting Jordan is already crying. Could someone please give her a tissue, it’s like I am reliving the whole Bambi’s mother thing. Adam takes a really long time and squeaks, “Rachel.” Shelly, states, “Sorry Jeff, you stand between this and my family.” Then she does that dumb kiss with her fingers. It’s like the kiss of death.
There is a tie vote and as HOH Kalia must decide. She evicts Jeff.
Then I do this! (Careful, it’s loud)
Then my roommate (Sarah) in the background says, “Who cares?” You know what Sarah? I do. I care. No go away and continue reading Game of Thrones. Spoiler alert! They run into a bunch of hobbits with a magical ring.
Big Jeff leaves in a Big Huff
Jeff is not happy at all during his interview and Julie is casually backing away. He, like Danielle’s interview, says that no one in that house “has a sack.” Funny how both of them believe this when things didn’t go their way? He is so mad at Kalia and Porsche and claims that they two of them just recently woke up. Then he also said, “Julie, I’m a man.” That was kind of gross.
And just like that, he’s gone.
So here we are, left with a house of women. (Adam doesn’t count.) The rest of the show is not going to be fun. All the women just hate each other now. Jeff was the comic relief to me. And I think Jordan is too bummed to say anything cute for a while.
So are the Veterans coming to an end? Who will win HOH? And will Jordan blow-up at Shelly?
OK, here is me talking to Adam during the show
Do something. Say something. Anything…. No, don’t compliment Jeff’s hair. Focus…. You want to win money right? Then get into the game and make deals….. No, don’t compliment Jeff’s big arms. Yes, they are pretty nice but there is no point. Try to win a competition that someone didn’t have to throw. Here is an HOH competition let’s try this…. No! You are out first round?  Oh, don’t bother trying to win a Veto. Ok, now you have to just pick someone to evict….. My God why is this taking you so long? Just pick a name…..!
Other Thoughts
  • Apparently, Danielle’s catchphrase is, ‘shocker!’ I didn’t pick up on this earlier.
  • Julie you look like a cast member from Bye Bye Birdie.
  • You know the best part of the double eviction is? No inane Julie questions like, “Housemates, who here likes puppies?”
  • OK, so Shelly backstabbed Jeff and Jordan but she had a point. At this stage of the game if Jeff and Jordan don’t leave they will win. And isn’t the point of the game to win money?
  • Did you notice during the Veto ceremony everyone was still out of breath? I wonder why? Oh wait a second, it’s probably all the smoking.
  • This whole episode showed that Shelly is the true mastermind. And it’s sad to say but she will most likely win.
  • OK, how weird was the goodbye between Jeff and Jordan? She gave Jeff this half assed hug. Later Jeff kisses her on the face quickly and walks away. Are they mad at each other? Or was Jordan trying really hard to hide her emotions. I feel very unsettled by this. Did anyone else notice this?
A lot happened and this is why it took forever to post this blog. I am looking forward to Sunday’s episode. Thanks for sticking with me through this one.




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