Allison Blogs Big Brother – HOH #8 and Pandora’s Box

So how did this epic fight before last week’s live show pan out?

Let’s recap the hell out of this
Well, it started with Rachel telling Jeff she knows about his corn hole…game throwing. Jeff’s first reaction is to deny and lie. Jeff, tisk, tisk. Rachel says it was Shelly who told her this. Jeff is confused, isn’t Shelly on his side?
Jeff begins to notice that Shelly seems extra, ‘buddy-buddy’ with Danielle. He grows suspicious, and when I say suspicious, I mean he makes passive aggressive comments.
Shelly needs to figure out Jeff’s mood change so she goes to the person in the house who knows what is going on, Adam. Oh here we go. She asks Adam if he has said anything to Jeff, he says no. Then she asks how he is voting.
Then Jeff later asks his Stalker, I mean Adam, if Shelly is planning something. Adam doesn’t get to say too much before Shelly walks in. A lot of yelling happens so here are the highlights.
Shelly: “How dare you two plot against me, I have always been honest with you guys.”
Adam: “Shelly is plotting to keep Danielle.”
Jeff: “Dude?”
Shelly: “Yes, ok, maybe I was planning that but Adam is too.”
Adam: “Dude!”
Jeff: “Dude!”
Shelly: “Why can’t I look at my options? Who said I was in an exclusive alliance? Oh and might I add, Adam has talked to Danielle just as much as I did.”
(Cue bus sound with Adam’s body under it.)
Adam: “Dude!”
Eventually Adam finally has Shelly answer the most important question, “Why do you want to keep Danielle?” Shelly admits that yes, she wanted to keep Danielle around because she needed someone to split up Jeff and Jordan. How evil of you Shelly.
Again, Shelly I can’t be mad that you have changed your mind in the game but you just lied and kept throwing Adam under the bus with you. He is pretty defenseless. It’s like a couple arguing over who does more housework and the other person saying, “You think I’m lazy? Look at our baby, he just sits there and poops his pants, never contributing to housework.” The worst part of the whole situation was her “pretending” to be shocked by all these accusations? Poor taste Shelly. Poor taste. Nothing is worse than a truly bad liar.
In Shelly’s diary room session she says she was trying to say whatever she can to calm the situation. In the end she made everything a lot worse but not telling the truth. Man I can feel the heat from that burned bridge.
The show goes on to recap, but it was fairly obvious things – Kalia is happy she evicted Jeff, Jordan’s sad, and Adam was bummed he didn’t win the HOH saying, “this is an HOH I really should have won.” Wait, I guess Adam can be the comic relief for me because that is the funniest thing I heard all season. Adam thinking he can win something, dream big Adam.   
Back to the somewhat ‘real time’ portion of the show.
Ahh snap, Jordan… umm… well… SNAPS!
Jordan is definitely boiling up after her man was taken away from her. Jeff is not dead or anything but it was a pretty abrupt event. As soon as Jeff leaves the house both Shelly and Rachel try to comfort her but Jordan brushes them away immediately.
Then, Shelly starts crying over her guilt and Porsche, who apparently is the “strong” one, gives Shelly a pep talk. What is going on in this house?
Rachel is happy to have a crying buddy for once and seems to relish in this pity party. Jordan expresses how she feels so betrayed by Shelly and can’t believe she gave up her phone call home.
Remember that, Shelly?
And for the third time this episode, Shelly abruptly walks into room at the moment people are talking about her. Shelly, if this hasn’t been working the first couple of times maybe sit this one out.
Shelly wants to remind Jordan that this day has been hard for her too. Piece of advice, when you betray friends don’t try to play the victim.
Then something came over Jordan and she tore Shelly a new one. It was so mesmerizing I couldn’t type. Fingers were pointing; blonde hair was flying, southern drawls were thickening. Jordan just kept screaming that she gave up her phone call, and Shelly keeps screaming that this is a game. Rachel, who apparently shies away from confrontation, drags Jordan out of the room. During this slow drag towards the room, Jordan looks pretty crazy, yelling at every person she passes, “All y’all follow Danielle.” Even though that girl is mad, she still stays real country.
Snakes on a piece of wood – HOH Competition
You may recall Big Brother gave the housemates a chance to play this game for practice. It’s a large plank of wood shaped like a snake you have to carefully maneuver a ball into an opening at the end. In case the housemates can’t make the opening their ball will land on a number. The closer to the end the higher the number goes. First round everyone gets to play, second round those in the bottom have to face off, then the winner faces off the next lowest number and so on.
Round 1:
Jordan18, Shelly 16, Rachel 13, Porsche, 11, Adam 4
Jordan has a lot of drive in her so she has a good chance of winning this. As usual Adam does poorly. You can’t say this man isn’t consistent.  
Round 2: Sudden Death
Porsche vs Adam. Porsche moves on. No surprise there.
Porsche vs Rachel: Porsche moves on. Rachel cries, no surprise there.
Porsche vs Shelly: Porsche gets better every round and gets the ball into the ‘snake-eye.’ Shelly’s out.
Finally it is Porsche versus Jordan. Porsche again makes another ‘snake-eye.’ So it’s up to Jordan to do the same thing or loose HOH. The whole house is holding their breath and so am I. Then a commercial is playing and I still can’t breathe. Finally, Jordan falls short and Porsche is the winner. Two wins in a row? Jeff was right Porsche really did wake up.
Little Jordan is so defeated. Cheer up Jordan its ok, there’s always tomorrow. Jordan says she doesn’t have anymore tears. Don’t worry Jordan your friend Rachel has got plenty tears to spare.
Pandora’s Box aka The Producers are bored
Porsche is faced with a Pandora’s box. Do you remember these things? I find they are used when the show is getting boring. The HOH is faced with a decision to open this “box” that may contain something good or bad for the HOH or something good or bad for the whole house. Most people open the box because, hey why not? My favorite Pandora Box was last year when Britney won a whole hour with past housemate Jesse who made her exercise. So funny.
Anyway, Porsche is shown a room that has champagne and two envelops that say $5,000. She thinks about it a bit and decides to open it. She wins $10,000 but has to share it with another housemate. But wait, there’s more. She has something she needs to announce to the house. She tells the house that she opened the box and for one week the duo twist is back.
Good twist! This means that the HOH only has a choice of a couple to nominate. Also this means during this week’s Veto, EVERYONE will try to play. Remember last week when both Shelly and Adam were “taking a back seat?” Not so fast, you two.
Porsche pairs up with Kalia which I think automatically gives Kalia the other $5,000. And even though not much time has passed since Shelly and Adam squabbled they are forced to pair up. Jordan and Rachel pair up together and feel a new lease at life.
Good call Alison Grodner. This means there is more of a chance a boring newbie will be evicted this week.
So who will win this epic Veto? Will Jordan ever forgive Shelly? And seriously Rachel, you still haven’t heard of waterproof mascara?
Other Thoughts:
  • I love when heated arguments have silly words thrown in. Like the way Shelly and Jeff were saying, “You threw the BEANBAG competition.” “BEANBAG competition?”
  • I think Porsche was good at the HOH because it’s was all about balance. And who balances more than a cocktail waitress?
  • Adam says he is sticking with the newbies now. Oh Adam, congrats, what a great decision. How long did it take you? Was it the fact that there are only two Veterans. Geez, Louise.
  • I have noticed Porsche tries to say funny things in the diary room but it doesn’t work. Just answer questions like a normal person.
  • Jeff must have gotten a chance to do diary room stuff after he was evicted.
  • Watching the way people treat Adam reminds me of when people try to figure out who a dog likes more. Just place it in the middle and constantly saying, ‘Come here, no come here. I have cookies for you.”
  • Oh Jeff, I didn’t realize you like chapstick that much… um ok.
  • Wait, no he fist bumped he totally went back to dude status again.




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