Allison Blogs SNL – Eli Manning

Allison Blogs SNL – Eli Manning When I heard that Eli Manning was hosting the show I thought, “Didn’t he host before?” I was mistaken; it was his older brother Payton who hosted. According to their Wikipedia pages they both play professional football. OK, so I am not that clueless when it comes to sports but I don’t look forward to athletes hosting because of the many sports references I don’t get. Surprisingly, last night’s show was light on the sports talk. But was it good? Read on…

Opening Sketch – Fox and Friends

I love this impression of the Fox and Friends crew especially Bobby’s Brian Kilmeade who always tries to blame Obama. I am not sure if the real show airs in Canada, but thanks to Jon Stewart, I am informed that this skit is not too far off. (And yes, I understand that Jon Stewart is also a little biased.) Seeing Vanessa, Taran and Bobby open the show gave me great hope that there will be life on SNL beyond Jason, Kristen and Andy. And how excited was Vanessa getting her first chance to say the magic line?

Allison Blogs SNL – Eli Manning


Ok, Eli Manning is a total cutie pie. He looks like he just finished college but he is 31 years old. This monologue was a little stiff but what do you expect from an athlete? The joke is Eli thinks he is a true New Yorker and recommends people see Cats and eat at the Olive Garden. I laughed when he mentioned the best way to explore Times Square is by carrying heavy shopping bags and finding three husky kids to pull around. I am sensing some hostility from the SNL writers.

Amazon’s Mother’s Day Ad

I thought about this long and hard and I just can’t comment on this skit. It’s dangerous. Did I laugh? Boy howdy! If you watch it… you will know why.

Motion Capture

First I love Taran’s Tebow impression and he should have stayed in this skit a lot longer. Beyond that, yeah I guess it’s funny to see a famous quarterback look uncoordinated and silly. But who is Ray Lewis? Who is Victor Cruz? I am not a football fan so this is all completely lost on me. I really need to watch these skits with some sort of sports support. (I don’t mean a jock strap.)

Text Message Evidence

Eli was really lucky to be in this skit because it was easy for him to be funny. The premise is, a lawyer proves his client’s innocence by reviewing said client’s text messages. Turns out this guy spent the whole night cruising for girls using the most poetic of text messages like: “You up?” “Hey, you.” “You out?” This skit was funny but it made me weep for the way dating is. Gone are the days of beautifully written letters and hello to guys writing, “Kewl.” I recommend you watching this skit and watch Eli try to recreate emoticons. ;P

Allison Blogs SNL – Eli Manning

Little Brothers

Eli supports the Little Brothers charity program. Specifically he just helps little brothers get revenge on their big brothers. This was funny and reminded me of a sketch his older brother did before. As a younger sibling I would have appreciated Eli helping me out when I got picked on.

Allison Blogs SNL – Eli Manning

Herb Welch

Oh no, not Herb again! He always hits people with his microphone always dies at the end and always comes back to life. Blah blah blah!

Weekend Update

Seth’s first guest was the Mom from New Jersey who made her five year old use a tanning bed. Kristen was funny but have you seen the real mom? There was no need to parody her.

The next guest was Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator. SNL has let Sacha appear on their show as his character for an upcoming movie before and I usually don’t find it funny. There is something about Sacha’s comedy that doesn’t work on live TV. I think it’s because Sacha is great with pranking people and playing off how uncomfortable they are. When he doesn’t have that freedom the comedy falls flat. I am not sure how well this new movie venture will be. This movie seems a lot more scripted than his past endeavors. And that’s my two cents

What Is This?

I knew something was up with this sketch when it started as a game show that is hosted by a woman. No offense to women but usually the game show host role goes to Bill Hader. This skit was silly and such a sad comment on how desperate women can get and how clueless guys can be. I think Eli did a great job as a clueless guy who can’t answer the question to Abbey… “What is this? What are we?”

Helga Lately

I would have preferred they do a real Chelsea Lately parody to this weird Swedish version. I can’t really say more than that.

Miss Drag World

I think it’s a must that every athlete that hosts the show has to do drag. It’s just a thing. Derek Jeter did it and most recently so did Charles Barkley. Remember that sketch with Charles and Paul Brittan? Oh crap, now I am thinking about Paul Brittan. Now I’m sad again.

Allison Blogs SNL – Eli Manning

Cheech and Chong and Richard

In this sketch TCM shows us that Cheech and Chong used to have another friend named Richard. Richard was straight-laced, all-American and left within the first five minutes of every movie. This seemed funny but I couldn’t hear what Eli was saying. Was his pacing bad or were the microphones a little off? The whole sketch came to a funny conclusion that Richard changed his name to Mit Romney

Next week Will Ferrell is hosting. This will be fun! I hope he and Taran do something together. PLEASE!

Allison Blogs SNL – Eli Manning Allison Blogs SNL – Eli Manning Allison Blogs SNL – Eli Manning


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