Allison Blogs SNL: Josh Brolin

Allison Blogs SNL: Josh Brolin Allison Blogs SNL: Josh Brolin Last night’s episode was by far a huge improvement from recent episodes. This was a classic example of how the show works best when the whole cast gets a chance to shine. And oh yeah, I guess Josh Brolin was on the show too. So many of last’s nights sketches were hilarious.  Josh didn’t really add to anything, but that didn’t bother me. I get the impression that Josh doesn’t have an ego and when the writers gave him little bit parts in the sketches he was just fine with it. While watching this episode I had this huge epiphany. Maybe some guest hosts come to the show demanding they star in every sketch and therefore writers feel limited or not inspired and THAT’s why some episodes bomb. What are your thoughts?

Anyway, keep reading to see why this show was working so well. And let me mention it’s a HUGE bummer that many skits are not found online because of copyright laws.

Opening – GOP Race is Over     

When a cast member portrays a presidential candidate there is always a chance that candidate could win and that cast member could keep that impression for a very long time. But sadly, the race is over and thus the impressions are over as well. SNL decided all those characters should take one last bow and sing Green Day’s “Good Riddance”. I thought this was a great opening but then I got sad because it reminded me that Andy, Jason, and Kristen might all be leaving soon. I don’t know if I am emotionally ready for this.


Whoosh! That monologue went by quickly. Again, I feel Josh didn’t care either way if his monologue was short or long or fat or short. He just seemed like he was along for the ride. Or maybe this goatee has really mellowed him out.

Game of Thrones

I was dying while watching this! Hours earlier I watched the latest episode with some friends who read the books and I asked, “Is there really that much sex in the book?” They explained that there is however not everything on the show is in the book. So SNL took that common question and answered it. The creative minds behind the show are the author George RR Martin.

Allison Blogs SNL: Josh Brolin

(Oh Bobby, you always look so silly)

And this 13-year old boy.

Allison Blogs SNL: Josh Brolin

According to this behind-the-scene footage this boy is responsible for adding all the boobs you see.  Sadly you can’t see this online because of the copyright clips of the actual show. But trust me if you are a fan of the show or books… this is amazing. (Yes, I took photos from my TV. Shhhh)

The Californians

Here’s what I gathered from this skit. A writer recently visited California and thought everyone sounded like a moron and talked way too much about what highways to take to get to places. I have cousins from California and I should ask them about that. Please note they don’t talk like this. But one of them does say the word “sprouts” like, “sprats.” But I won’t say which one.  At the very beginning of the skit Bill Hader was already laughing and Kristen seemed to be having a good time as well. Again, when the cast looks like they are having fun, I enjoy the show.

America’s Next Top Best Parody of New York State of Mind

I didn’t realize how popular parodying Jay-Z’s “New York State of Mind” was. And wasn’t this song popular two years ago? I guess I should hold off on writing my version of “Halifax State of Mind.”

I personally loved the song about Gold’s Gym.

Now I’m doing kettlebells/ Now I’m doing lunges/ Now I’m doing biceps

I like how Jay-Z in this sketch was portrayed as someone who was easily impressed by all of these parodies. At one point his score for a song was just “Infinity.” I also loved Bobby’s bad-ass dance moves during his burrito tribute.

Digital Short – Laser Cats 7

Now if there was a sign that Andy was leaving the show…this is it! Here was another exciting edition of Laser Cats with special guest Stephen Spielberg.

Allison Blogs SNL: Josh Brolin

He looked so cute in his little Laser Cats hat and t-shirt. In this edition of Laser Cats the guys have to protect EAT (an Extra Awesome Terrestrial). For some reason EAT can cure all the Laser Cats. This skit was filled with homages to Spielberg’s work. My favorite was the tyrannosaurus-cat. The sad part was when EAT got on his space ship and Andy Samberg’s character decided to get on the ship as well. This truly broke my heart. Is this the end of Laser Cats?

Weekend Update

Seth only had one guest on the show and it was another Kristen Wiig classic, singing duo Garth and Kath. Is this yet another sign that the end of Kristen is near? These sketches are no longer funny to me. Garth and Kath, it’s time to run off into the sunset.

Joke of the Night!

A movie is being made about a cow in Germany who escaped the slaughter house and evaded capture for three months. It will be called…well how about you just read the following in an angry German accent.

Allison Blogs SNL: Josh Brolin

Piers Morgon – Trayvon Martin Case

I just love Taran’s impression of Piers it’s like an exaggerated version of Hugh Grant. He’s just so befuddled. I enjoy these skits because it’s a good way to explore a news topic and have fun with impressions. My favorite was the Kanye and Kim Kardashian impressions. Nasim just kills the impression of Kim. Her voice is so irritating and I can see why her marriage didn’t last that long.

Hallway of Slow Motion

This skit was pretty funny. A young girl is taking a tour of a new high school that seems pretty normal, except for that one hallway that makes everyone move in slow motion. This skit was a great example of the cast using their physical comedy skills. Oh yeah and Josh Brolin was in the skit as well. Again, because of the music in the skit you can’t see it. Why? Why?


Wow! Now this is the Digital Short I remember from my university days. Andy and Taran (who seem like a great comedic duo) praise musical guest Gotye for his song and video “Somebody that I Used to Know.” Then they do this.

Allison Blogs SNL: Josh Brolin Allison Blogs SNL: Josh Brolin I suggest you watch this skit just to see Gotye’s reaction. He is super cute and looks genuinely scared. But come on, how dated will this skit be in the future?

Principle Frye Prom

Wow, Jay Pharoh really stepped it up this episode. Not only did he get to show his best impressions he showed off this hilarious character Principle Frye. It was pleasantly funny for the last skit of the night. I laughed so hard about the iguana part. It’s true iguana are the rudest animals, they always refuse to look at you. And Jay officially broke for the first time on the show.

Next week it’s Payton Manning. Really they invited him again? Oh man here comes a ton of sport skits I won’t get. See you in a couple of weeks.


Allison Blogs SNL: Josh Brolin Allison Blogs SNL: Josh Brolin Allison Blogs SNL: Josh Brolin


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