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Allison Blogs SNL – The Season Finale With Mick Jagger

Allison Blogs SNL – The Season Finale With Mick Jagger I guess if you have Mick Jagger hosting SNL it only makes sense to have three musical acts. But I want my comedy! This was the last episode of the season, but it really didn’t feel that way until the very last sketch. And yes, I may have choked up a little bit. Come with me on a journey to review this episode.

Opening Sketch – Lawrence Welk Show

SNL, why do you keep teasing me with Jon Hamm showing up in sketches? I want him to host again, gosh darnit! Let’s keep our fingers crossed he hosts next season. Jon was hilarious as an Italian Crooner singing a song looking for love. As usual the sisters from the Finger Lakes sing along with their special sister Judith. In the end the Italian Crooner falls for Judith and her baby hands.

Allison Blogs SNL – The Season Finale With Mick Jagger Monologue

Wow, look at him walk out on stage, he’s “got the moves like Jagger/ the moves like Jaggar.” Hey, I just got that song. This monologue was so short and not good. I guess Mick would rather play music than talk standing still.

Secret Word

I won’t be missing this sketch, but if Kristen is leaving I guess I could handle this one last time. Mick looked very Austin Power-esque as Chaz Bragman; an actor that is extremely masculine in his films but not so much in real life. I bet when the writers asked Mick to do an American accent all he did was this, so thus they created this character.

Insurance Conference

I feel the writers wanted to make Mick look as nerdy as possible. I guess there is comedy in that.  Mick plays an insurance agent that watches others perform Rolling Stone karaoke thinking he could do better. This skit could have gone to a another level but it fell very flat. I have to give props to Bobby for his Jagger impression that includes sleeping at the microphone. The skit finished with Mick singing a very melancholy version of Satisfaction. My father wants you to know that, “Its never good to do a parody of yourself. It’s just sad. Make sure you write that.”

Digital Short – Lazy Sunday 2

Chris Parnell? Lazy Sunday 2? Well it’s official, this has to be the final digital short. Lazy Sunday was the first big moment for the Digital Short so revisiting it only makes sense. Chris and Andy rap about having brunch and seeing Sister Act on Broadway. This wasn’t very funny, but it was very nostalgic I mean Chris’ hair is almost white now. So sad, but I still believe SNL will do these pre-taped segments in the future, they just won’t have the Digital Short banner.

Allison Blogs SNL – The Season Finale With Mick Jagger

Goodbye Andy and Digital Shorts! I will miss you.

Al Sharpton – Politics Nation

This was just not funny and confusing. Mick Jagger was in the sketch for about 30 seconds. He really was too focused on the music. See people, this is why you don’t get rock stars to host the show. Except for Bon Jovi. Now he is hilarious.

(Ed. Note from Jill: I thought this one was funny! I liked the Al Sharpton impression.)

Weekend Update

Well that went by in a flash. I am fairly certain Stefan appeared in the final Weekend Update of last season. And like last season he and Seth ran away together. AND Seth still refers to having a girlfriend. A girlfriend? Why hasn’t Seth put a ring on that yet? Stefan was silly and my favorite mention of the night was how one hot club included his best friend Joel. Not sure why that tickled my fancy.

So You think you can dance at an outdoor music festival?

This was fun and a great throw back to 90’s culture. This dance competition is hosted by Dave Matthews (“Pretty baby!”) and I’m already laughing. The judges are Carlos Santana (his comments are just lyrics from Smooth), Jewel ( her comments are mostly yodels) and Steven Tyler (who somehow brings up Burger King chicken strips). I appreciated Mick’s Steven Tyler impression, but it’s not that hard to pull off. If you wear a lot of neck scarves and have feathers in your hair, you’re halfway there.  Now, I have never been to an outdoor concert because I am afraid I will run into people like the contestants on this show. Spliff Sanders (Bobby) was amazing as the stumbling dancer who is a little too wasted. Reminds me of this guy. But the true winner in my mind is Groove Willy (Taran) who not only danced but danced with a garbage bag.  I wish you could see this skit!

The Californians

I am surprised they brought back this sketch. These New Yorkers just love to rip into the West Coast.  As usual, most of the dialogue in this sketch relates to directions, highways, and traffic. Mick did very well with his West Coast accent. And then Steve Martin shows up for like two seconds. It wasn’t even necessary.   But did you catch Kristen saying, “Ah-mah-zing?” Was that a little shout out to past cast member Casey Wilson and her character Penny Hart from Happy Endings?

Allison Blogs SNL – The Season Finale With Mick Jagger

“She’s like a rainbow” (AKA Kristen’s Last Dance)

At first this looks like a sketch about a high school graduation but then it becomes very obvious it’s a tribute and goodbye to Miss Kristen. Everyone from the cast takes there turn to dance with her starting with Mick Jagger.  Wow! Could you imagine dancing with that guy? Then as she dances with her cast mates she begins to cry. I think the moment between her and Bill Hader was what put her over the edge. I was thought that maybe Jason and Andy would get a little recognition too but I think Kristen really does deserve the attention. I mean HELLO?! She was just nominated for an Oscar this year. The girl has worked her but off. I will miss you Kristen. But who of the remaining females will take over for her? Only time will tell.

Thanks for reading my posts for the year! And of course thanks to Miss Jill for giving me the space on her lovely blog. Have a great summer!


Allison Blogs SNL – The Season Finale With Mick Jagger Allison Blogs SNL – The Season Finale With Mick Jagger Allison Blogs SNL – The Season Finale With Mick Jagger

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