Alternative Service Delivery Request for Supplier Qualifications Issued

Service Nova Scotia issued a Request for Supplier Qualifications today, Sept. 22, as part of an ongoing process to explore the feasibility of alternative service delivery partnership opportunities for three registries.

The request invites vendors to submit expressions of interest and their qualifications to provide services for the motor vehicle, land and companies registries.

Vendors have five weeks to respond.

Submissions will be evaluated according to merit-based criteria. An independent fairness monitor will oversee the evaluation process to ensure an unbiased and impartial opinion relating to the objectivity, fairness and assessment of merit.

After the evaluation process, a decision will be made to either proceed with subsequent procurement for one or more of the registries or that alternative service delivery is not the right solution at this time.

If a decision is made to proceed with a subsequent procurement process, Service Nova Scotia will first undertake stakeholder engagement. The identification of stakeholders can only be known after the request process has ended and the project scope has been finalized.

“My approach to decision-making is grounded in consulting with stakeholders,” said Service Nova Scotia Minister Mark Furey. “At the moment, no final decision has been made to proceed with alternative service delivery, and upon completion of the Request for Supplier Qualifications, the project scope could narrow. When we have a final scope we will reach out to stakeholders and staff to get their input.”

The Request for Supplier Qualifications can be viewed at .

Source: Release

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