Am I There?

It seems my body has found its happy place with its current weight.  I’m been +/- 10 lbs these past 1.5 years.  Whether it’s counting points or counting calories I just can’t seem to budge.  At this weight,  it’s really hard to eat to lose.  1200 calories is a struggle, 1500 is easier but then throw in all the running I’ve been doing and my body is practically begging for food. 

I’m at the point where I need something different.  But ya know, there’s no other way to lose weight but the basic calories in versus calories out. Yup,  It is that simple.  Simple, yes; easy, hell no! 🙁

The training has forced me to very clean, which has been a breeze because once the body gets used to good, healthy food it’s what it craves.  I’ve thought about trying to eat intuitively but I’m not sure I’m there yet.  Maybe I’ll never be. 

That forces me to ask myself the question, am I there?  Part of me thinks yes because overall I’m healthy and fit.  But the reality is, I’m not in a healthy weight range for someone of my height.

Alternatively,  I thought maybe going to see a dietician but, not to sound all braggy,  I’ve spent the past 3 years educating myself on the body and nutrition.  Not sure how beneficial this would be.  I’ve  also thought that maybe the reason I can’t lose anymore is mental.  I know I have some body image issues so perhaps a bit of therapy would help.  I do have to try and find a new doctor soon so I will add dietician/therapy to the list of things to inquire about.

And you know, maybe I’m lying to myself and if I just worked a little harder and was more strict I could drop the pounds.

Nice to get this off my chest, thanks for listening. 🙂

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