Amazing Land, Morris East 3, ReTales Staff Party



String & Theory Boutique opened in Bishop’s Landing offering women’s accessories, tailoring and dry cleaning.

Morris East is opening a third restaurant in The Keep the new building currently being built Quinpool at Vernon.

American mobile phone repair franchise UBreakIFix is opening soon beside BMO at Larry Uteck

Makinso is closing their Bedford Hwy shop moving to a residential address by appointment only.


Amazing Land a new indoor playground is no open in Portland Hills.

Tide House Brewery is now open under 2 Doors Down, same entrance as Reflections

The Sobeys Extra on Lacewood had it’s official reopening this week.

The folks at Halifax Distilling Co. have hit a winner this JD Shore Rum Cream is like way better Bailey’s, currently only available at their distillery shop Lower Water @ Sackville


A holiday pop-up store in Toronto has opened full of items from Canadian Artisans in the Shops at Don Mills, the hook though is, it is run by and you can pay with Air Miles

Sears is adding grocery to some of its Canadian stores, next year (not Halifax)


Mary Brown’s has a 3hour video loop of fried chicken by a fireplace to get you in the holiday spirit

I am totally fascinated, I did not know there used to be an Imperial Oil village in Woodside called Imperoyal


The Government of Nova Scotia announced this morning that they will no longer be charging the fee of $199/yr to operate a video rental store

I had my first ReTales Staff Christmas Party this week on Thursday the entire staff (me) went and visited ten local businesses with battery powered lights in hand I made the trek from
Kitsune (sushi and gyoza) to
Good Robot(Tom Waits Stout) to
El Chino (Mexican Chocolate Egg Nog with Patron and Tacos) to
Charlies (Oland Ex draught) to
Edna (Burrata and a Dark & Stormy)  to
Lot Six (Insufferable Bastard) to
Little Oak (Two Thyming) across the ferry to
Picnic at the Dart Gallery (Brightwood Smokey the Beer draught)  to Battery Park (Dartmouth Dark and fries)and ended at
Staggers (Moose Dry draught).
Everyone was so accommodating, and I had a great time.  


Publishing note: With next Sunday being Christmas I will delay the next update until Boxing Day, and on that note;
May you and all of those around you have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

Arrest made after Sobey’s robbed

Woman arrested after stabbing in Dartmouth