Amelia Curran CD Release for Hunter Hunter at the Company House

Amelia Curran CD Release for Hunter Hunter at the Company House

Amelia Curran CD Release for Hunter Hunter at the Company House

I was wowed last night at the Company House during Amelia Curran’s CD release party for her latest album, Hunter Hunter.  And because of that, I’m not sorry that I waited ten years to figure out what a lot of people already knew.

It certainly was a beautiful thing to be a part of all that great vibe though.  Amelia was surrounded by friends who have been with her during her ten year career here in Halifax, as a transplant from St John’s, Newfoundland.

And I am just tuning in to Amelia now.  Well that’s not really true.  From the day she hit the scene here her name has cropped up time and again on the circuit.  And I may have seen her play briefly during the BattleAxe folk series back in the day at Hell’s Kitchen.  Not sure.  She’s just always been a name I kept hearing around as someone people respect, and someone to watch for.

And back in June, we shared a drive back from StanFest, and I discovered what a lovely, intelligent, and unpretentious lady Amelia is.  We chatted about politics and green automobiles, and I still had no idea what her music was all about, but thought she was a great traveling companion.  She told me she was leaving on tour that week and her CD release was coming up in the fall, and I hoped I would like her music when I finally got to see her play or that might be a little awkward.

First off Amelia, I think you should know that a really good dog would run all the way home…

And now this song, Hands on a grain of sand, is one of my favorites too.  And tomorrow I’m sure another will be my favorite because every song on the album is great.  I really love the song Julia and I think it sounds totally radio friendly without selling out.  And Stephanie is right, you might sell out shows, but you have not sold out artistically at all.  This is pure artistic integrity.

I’m not saying this because I think Amelia is such a nice person, but honestly, this is one of the best albums I’ve heard in years.  I think it will become a Canadian classic.  I keep listening to it over and over again.  It’s become one of my favorite CDs for sure.

Again, this is why I’m glad I somehow missed the build up, because now Amelia’s music has captured my full attention.

The songs sound old and new all at the same time.  They certainly aren’t traditional Newfoundland songs, but I do believe I hear the influence far off in the distance as there is an eastern European feel in some of the songs that I’ve been told colors the music in certain parts of St. John’s.  I don’t know…I’ve never been there and am no expert.  Perhaps we can talk about that someday.

At any rate the lyrics are simple, clever, and hit home…which is always something the Newfoundland people have had a great gift for.  The production is beautiful.  Not overproduced, but world stage professional.  The musicianship is wonderful.  I can’t find one thing about this album I don’t like except that there aren’t more songs… I think I need to go and discover the back catalog now.

I really wish I could write something poetic enough to do this music justice.  But Amelia already wrote all the beautiful words…

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