America’s Got Talent: Is bad bad, or is bad good?

I decided to keep better track of the performances on America’s Got Talent this week by individual judging them, almost as though I were on the show. And I can guarantee you – if I were a real judge, I’d be using that “X” a lot more than Howie Mandel. There were some awful acts this week, but some great ones as well. Take a look:

Cheer SFCheer San Francisco impressed me the first time I saw them perform, but Piers had a good point – there are a lot of guys in that group! I don’t know if it was nerves or what, but their Hollywood performance was not good. It was sloppy, out of sync and I didn’t think the song choice was great. They received two X’s before they even completed the routine – and Howie is a softie when it comes to giving that final buzz. Their spokesman also rubbed me the wrong way – he was bordering on cocky.

Alice Tan Ridley
Gabourey Sidibe’s mom. I’m still not really sure why the mom of an Oscar nominee (and college student) was busking by the subway, but I’m trying to overlook that because she’s very good. I’d really like to see her advance to the next round.

Mona Sampath Dance Company
I like Bollywood dancing, and I think it’s cool that this dance group has infused other styles of dance into their routines as well. Their performance was good, but it didn’t really stand out that much for me. It might have been too forgettable to earn them a spot in the next round.

Iron Horse
Country music really isn’t my thing so it was hard for me to fairly judge Iron Horse. I don’t want to see them advance because they’re not my kind of act, but I also don’t think they’re very musically talented. It reminded me of something I’d hear on a Saturday night at a small town tavern. Piers gave them the ugly truth – everything he said was exactly what I thought.

The Strong Man
For reals? “The Strong Man”? Could the guy have chosen a less creative name? So he lifted a motorcycle and flipped a car. Sorry, but I only would have been impressed if he’d done it Matilda-style, using his mind. The act, frankly, was boring.

OK, how did this guy even make it to Hollywood? None of his impressions were funny. And why won’t Howie X anyone? Instead he gave him a standing ovation! For what? I’ve seen better comedy at elementary school talent shows. The back-and-forth between Howie and Ronith over whether his comedy was good-good or bad-good was ridiculous.

Hannibal Means
This guy freaks me out. The costumes, the talk about “energy” and “passion”, the creepy laugh. And it doesn’t help that his name automatically brings to mind a cannibal. I liked his song choice, but he still didn’t win me over as a fan.

Finally, an act that really caught my attention. Before Reckless performed, I was worried I wouldn’t be blown away by a single act during the episode. The costumes, the choreography, the music – I loved it all.

Lil Chris
For a 12-year-old kid who needed to own a stage probably bigger than anything he’d ever seen, I thought Chris did very well. He sang and danced well and clearly has a lot of potential. Yeah, he needs some work and more confidence on stage. But the kid’s got talent.

I’ve got to say, the dancing/rock climbing act is actually pretty captivating. The performance was really cool and pretty. And with the right amount of development it could be a really awesome stage show.

Antonio Restivo
I’m really not a magic person. It bugs me. I just want to know how it’s done, I don’t get all excited and think it’s actual magic. It’s more like a science trick, and I want it explained afterward. So Antonio’s act, with the fire and the tricks and the scantily clad ladies, really didn’t do much for me.

Michael Grimm
I loved Michael Grimm’s first audition and am really pulling for him in this competition. I loved his performance and I’ll be sorely disappointed if he doesn’t advance to the next round.

So which four performers deserve to move on to the next round? My choices are Michael Grimm, AscenDance, Reckless and…I’m going with Alice Tan Ridley, but I like Lil Chris as well. Who do you want to see again?

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