America’s Next Top Model: Trashy TV

Boy, did the week ever get away from me! With Survivor and American Idol on Wednesday night and so many great comedies on Thursday nights, America’s Next Top Model gets put on the back burner. But I’m finally caught up, so let’s talk ANTM.

After a brief reminder of the Brittani/Alexandria feud, we got things started with a lesson in creating your portfolio. And that can only be one thing – go-sees!And, a trip overseas. To Morocco! None of the girls saw that one coming, as their predictions included such exotic locations as Cuba and Canada.

Go See or Go Home

The girls didn’t do their go-sees in Morocco, though – perhaps there aren’t a lot of modeling agencies or designers there? Instead, they stayed in L.A. which seemed much more practical than previous years, when girls had to navigate Italian canals and such. Alexandria had a leg up on the other girls since she actually knew the city.

Molly started her go-sees off with a predictably terrible attitude. Honestly, what a sour puss that girl is. Even in the car, she was a total B. But not a Frankie B, because she bailed on that go-see, though she did make it to four, as did Alexandria and Kasia. A lot of the girls struggled with directions, and both Brittani and Jaclyn only visited two of the five locations. Hannah did a little better, making three stops. All the girls made it back to Lana Marks on time though, so no one had to be eliminated from the challenge.

Since Molly, Alexandria and Kasia had done the best by making it to four go-sees, so Hannah, Brittani and Jaclyn were sent home before the final challenge. The girls each had to pose with some Lana Marks bags and tell the designer herself what winning would mean to her. I had a feeling that Alexandria would end up winning it all, and she did. Alexandria has rubbed the other girls the wrong way, but she gives a good first impression.

Trash Talk

For the photo shoot, the girls would be posing at a landfill wearing eco-friendly couture. Yes, you read that right. There was garbage on the ground and garbage on the models. Well, “recycled” material like “broken mirrors” and stuff. Actually, though the gowns were really cool, and I liked how the girls were styled. In particular, it looked like Alexandria and Hannah really rocked it. Molly, naturally, had complaints galore about the shoot and I was glad Nigel noticed. Brittani was feeling a lot of pressure to deliver after the “traumatic” (as Nigel said) panel last week, but it looked like she succeeded in doing so.

At panel, Tyra let each girl know how she’d done on the go-sees before the critiqued her photo. Alexandria had done well, but no one else really came close.

Alexandria: It turned out that Alexandria had booked all four of the go-sees she made it to, and at this point I think the girl could take the whole competition. And her photo? Stunning! Truly stunning. I know Alexandria was easy to hate on early in the competition, but the girl can model.


 Jaclyn: Jaclyn only made it to two of the five go-sees, but she booked both. I wish she’d had an easier time with the directions because I think she could have booked more gigs. Jaclyn’s photo looked good from afar, but up close she wasn’t giving great face.


 Molly: Molly made it to four go-sees, but only booked two. Why? Her lousy attitude! I was glad Molly’s sourpuss ways came to light at panel, and that her status in the competition actually suffered because of her poor attitude. I’m not convinced Molly will take the advice, though. Once a sourpuss, always a sourpuss. Unfortunately, her photo was amazing. I just don’t get it! Her personality it hateful and she doesn’t look great in person.


Kasia: Kasia also only booked two of her four go-sees, which surprised me. She seems friendly and professional and is gorgeous, and I thought more people would want her. Her photo was OK, but I think she could have done better.


Hannah: Hannah booked two of her three jobs, which I found a little disappointing. I think she’s just so damn pretty, I was hoping she’d really blow them away. I mean, she looks exactly like my all-time favorite ANTM contestant, Analeigh! Her photo, though? That blew me away. I love that Hannah is so conventionally beautiful, but can still look high fashion.


 Brittani: Brittani booked both of the two go-sees she went to, and I bet she would have booked more had she made it. Her photo was good and she apologized for her bad behavior at last week’s panel, so I knew she’d be safe.


The top photo, I thought, was a hard call since I thought both Alexandria and Hannah delivered breathtaking shots. I had a feeling Alexandria would get it, though, because of her success at go-sees and in the challenge. I was nervous about who would get eliminated, though. I can’t stand Molly, but she delivered a great photo. The weakest photos came from Jaclyn and Kasia, but they are two of my favorites.

I’m just glad this photo exists

As predicted, Alexandria was called first. Next came Hannah (yay!), Kasia (yay again!), and Brittani. I was glad Tyra put Molly in the bottom two because of her attitude, but I knew it wouldn’t be reason enough to send her home. I was still surprised that Jaclyn was eliminated – after all, she had the top photo last week! And Molly hadn’t exactly excelled at the go-sees. But her photo was good, and I guess that pulled her through.

Next week is a filler episode (blah), and then comes Morocco! It looks like a beautiful country, so I’m excited to see it portrayed in a less horrible way than in the Sex and the City 2 movie. What did you think of the go-sees episode? Do you think Alexandria has this thing in the bag, or could the lone brunette Brittani give her a run for her money? Who else do you think could end up in the finals?

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