Amherst Secures Provincial Funding to Combat Climate-Related Flooding

Provincial release:

The Town of Amherst will upgrade its infrastructure to help protect against climate-related flooding.

The Province announced $349,300 in funding for the project from the Sustainable Communities Challenge Fund today, September 26, in Amherst.

“We are seeing more and more of the devastating impacts that climate-related flooding can have on our communities,” said Tom Taggart, MLA for Colchester North, on behalf of Timothy Halman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change. “This investment not only strengthens Amherst’s ability to respond to climate change, but also serves as a model for other communities striving for a more sustainable future. Together, we are paving the way towards a greener, more resilient Nova Scotia.”

With this funding, the Town of Amherst will complete a stormwater management study and improve stormwater infrastructure. The upgrades will help reduce the risk of flooding in the area surrounding Dickey Brook, protecting the community from damage during heavy rainfall or storms.

The Sustainable Communities Challenge Fund is available to municipalities, non-profit and community organizations, post-secondary institutions and Mi’kmaw communities to help them respond to and prepare for climate change impacts, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“In the new reality of increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, the Town of Amherst must respond accordingly and plan to mitigate the potential for damage to the town’s infrastructure and private property. The task at hand is challenging and requires prioritizing and implementing flood risk mitigation upgrades in an urban setting while considering climate change and future capacity needs. The funding provided by the Sustainable Communities Challenge Fund will help the town address immediate infrastructure capacity issues and create the framework for the town to continue to work towards a long-term plan to address system capacity issues related to climate change.”
     – David Kogon, Mayor, Town of Amherst

“The Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities, through the Sustainable Communities Challenge Fund, is pleased to support flood risk mitigation upgrades to infrastructure in the Town of Amherst. These types of upgrades are vital as communities adapt to increases in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. The town’s project is funded through the adaptation stream, designed to help communities proactively prepare and respond to climate change, as well as to reduce the vulnerability and exposure of human and natural systems.”
     – Juanita Spencer, CEO, Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities

Quick Facts:
— this project has two phases – Phase 1 involves work outside Dickey Brook, a watercourse running through the town, and Phase 2 focuses on construction within the brook itself
— the Sustainable Communities Challenge Fund provides $15 million over three years for projects that help communities adapt to climate change, mitigate its impacts and help Nova Scotia reduce its greenhouse gas emissions
— the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities was selected through a request for proposals process to develop and administer the Sustainable Communities Challenge Fund on behalf of the government

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