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Since this little man entered my world, I have finally gotten my hands on a DSLR camera that I have yearned for for a long time!  They are expensive, so we did some research and ended up snagging one on Kijiji that came with two lenses and a macro extension tube.  The lenses are good, but when Christmas morning came, I opened up a mac daddy of a lens from my husband! Yayyyy me!!  Now, thus far, I haven’t yet had the time to properly learn how to use my SLR to it’s full potential and am signed up to take a couple of beginner courses at Henry’s but not until the end of February – CANNOT WAIT!  This photograph above was taken using my new lens without really playing around with the aperture, ISO, white balance and all of that fun stuff that I cannot wait to dive into.  As you can see, the camera and mac daddy lens does a fantastic job!  This was my Little Peanut’s first swim over visiting “Auntie” Tasha!

Sooooo since I have to wait until the end of February for the courses, wouldn’t you know it that Shelagh is holding an photography e-course starting on Friday for 6 weeks!  It’s geared for beginner photographers and those in a “rut” as she shares some photography tips relating to creativity and viewing the world around you in a more creative way.  There will be weekly assignments where we’ll be sharing our photos on a private Flickr group and I’m really looking forward to it.  It’s a bit out of my comfort zone which is why I’m so excited for it.  I’ve had an interest in photography for as long as I can remember but didn’t have much opportunity to pursue it so here I go!

What’s making it even more fun is that a few other blog and twitter friends (Shari and Heather)  have decided to join up as well and we’ll be doing it together, so if anyone else is interested in participating with us, please sign up! It’s starts this Friday!!

You may remember, along with being a very talented artist (view her paintings on Etsy), Shelagh was the beauty behind the lens of my maternity photos 🙂

I may decide to start sharing my photos here, or add a Flickr gadget!

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