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Annabelle Award Winning Summer Products: A Review

After being awarded for their cosmetics at the prestigious the 2014 ELLE CANADA / ELLE QUÉBEC Beauty Grand Prix, and with summer just around the corner; I was quite excited to test out these award winning products.

Winning Best bronzer under $30, Best Lip gloss under $20, and Best tinted Cream (BB, CC) under $22 these Marcelle® and Annabelle® products are the perfect go-to forSpring/Summer weather! When the weather hits the double digits, and the sun is high the last you want is to be sporting is heavy makeup. With these three products you really don’t need much else.  For me, during summer, or when I’m traveling I like to keep my makeup at light as possible. I will admit though I do toss on some waterproof mascara, with blonde eyelashes and brown hair I kind of look a little funny without it. 

BB Cream Multi-Action Beauty Balm ($15.95)

Absorbs quickly
Does more than a regular foundation – This BB Cream is designed to blur imperfections, brighten, and moisturize the skin while also providing moderate to light coverage. I love how this product saves you time and energy because it’s less products you need to apply in the morning.
Includes a slight SPF (only 15, but I’ll take it)
Non Greasy/ Smooth Matte Finish – Minimizes the pores, absorbs excess of sebum and controls shine. Going on the product is super matte and has a great finish, but compared to my regular foundation I did find that my skin got a little greaser as the day went on: nothing serious, but worth noting. It’s probably due to the  added sunscreen, and can be avoided but just applying some powder (even just translucent) about midday to absorb any excess moisture.
Light Coverage (just enough so you don’t feel bare). If you have breakouts you will need some concealor  and/or powder as this product is not heavy enough to cover up them up totally.
For all skin types. Hypo-Allergenic. Non-Comedogenic. Dermatologist tested. Oil-Free. Paraben-Free. Perfume-Free.

Biggy Zebra Bronzing Powder ($11.95)

Bigger size! Get sun-kissed radiant skin in seconds! All the glow you want without the damaging effects of the sun. Paraben-Free. Perfume-Free. Gluten-Free. Hypo-allergenic and dermatologist tested. Size
Bigger Size. I love that the bronzer is massive. I think this is so important for applying the product to your brush. When you have a small case it can be difficult to get all the bronzer onto your brush evenly, and this resulting in some streaky application.
Color is perfect, it’s just enough. This powder contains 3 coordinating shades, and is just enough to give you a glow, but subtle enough that it doesn’t look like your face is dirty. I love using bronzer for contour, especially during the summer. I apply it along my hairline, under my cheekbones (and glided outwards back to hairline), and then one the two sides on my nose, and jawline.
Soft texture. This product feels great against the skin, and with all the sunscreen and everything else you’re putting on your face it’s nice to have something soft because you’re probably going to use it anyway.
Allows you the glow you want without the damaging effects of the sun. I’m a huge proponent of making sure you protect your skin. You might not want to consider your skin health now, but trust me if you take good care of your skin now you’ll have a lot less to “fix” later. It’s all about being proactive.
Paraben-Free. Perfume-Free. Gluten-Free. Hypo-allergenic and dermatologist tested

Big Show Lip Shine ($9.95)

Barely there neutral color – perfect for summer.
Hint of shine without the bulk of gritty sparkles
Perfect for any occasion. I love that there’s no worry that you’ve over done it with this shade. It’s great for the beach as much as it is great for an event. It’s the perfect go-to to have in your purse at all times for the summer months. 

Overall I really liked the products. I’ve used a lot of different BB Creams and there’s a lot of similar products out there so it can be very overwhelming. I liked this BB Cream because it wasn’t super greasy, and it went on with a great matte finish. The coverage is light to medium, so you might still need a little something to cover up breakouts, but it’s perfect for summer when you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. The star of these products has to be the bronzer I love love love it! And at this price point it’s amazing!! 

Hope you found this review helpful! What are some of your key summer make up essentials? 
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