Annabelle Big Show Lip shines

Remember this bunch I found from the Annabelle Big Show LE display? These are Annabelle Big Show Lip shines in Dare and Rave and lip liners in Show Girl and Heatwave.
I have recently found out that the Lip shines are permanent and now moved to the regular display. The lip liners (from that LE display), however, are indeed LEs. They are already gone from my Shoppers, and are hard to find now. I would suggest you grab them quickly if you can still find them.
Here are the swatches, with flash, to help with your decisions 🙂

The pair on the left is Big Show Lip shine in Rave and lip liner in Heatwave, both in the hot coral/ pantone orange colour family. They compliment each other really well. The Lip shine is sheer with beautiful gold shimmers, and the lip liner is almost matte.
On the right are Big Show Lip shine in Dare and lip liner in Show Girl. Show Girl is more of a hot pink than a purple like Dare, but they too work well as a pair. Dare is quite unique among the Lip shine colours Annabelle released, the pink/ fuchsia shimmers in it are really pretty.

Here they are without flash. The Lip shines are still shimmery like mad. The lip liners show its matte finish better here, still hot 🙂
Like I mentioned in the display post, there are 12 shades of Lip shines, with testers. I won’t doubt that you will find a shade to your liking.
They are not sticky, non drying, wear well during reasonable time period – I got about 3-4 hours. The lip liners applied underneath would help with pigmentation, but the Lip shines are perfect if you are looking for a sheer lip look, or pop them on top of a lipstick.

I am wearing the second pair – Dare and Show Girl here.
With the natural pigmentation on my lips, Show Girl‘s hot pink was lost and became more purple, which worked for Dare’s advantage. Having said that, if you pair Show Girl with a bright pink lipstick, it would look more true to its colour.

In the shade, they look even more purple, lol.
The darker liner, lighter gloss look, I know, is not everyone’s taste. Some would say it’s a pet peeve, and I agree. But this is a testing look, I want to give them both a fair chance on the lips, so I didn’t blend them out evenly.

And also because I only wore them to the playground for like 10 minutes, lol. Remember the FOTD that you saw on the Tuesday post?
All in all, I am loving the pairing between the Lip shines and the LE lip liners. Glad I got the LE liners before it’s too late as they are hot and bold, great for summer.
The Lip shines are a lovely addition to Annabelle’s lip gloss lines, and I kinda dig Dare, the purple shade. It might not be a traditional summer shade, but I wear all kinds of colours year round anyway, depending on mood, not much on season.
If you are one of those lucky ladies that got to make your own Lip shine shades at the Premier launch, don’t neglect them and start showing them off, to my envy 🙂


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