Annabelle Chrome eyeshadows

Annabelle Chrome single eyeshadows should be the next best buzz in drugstore Spring releases, I am telling you now.

Meant to be creamy eyeshadows with bouncy texture, intense metallic finish and 6 hour hold, Chrome eyeshadows remind me of Colour Pop Super Shock shadows with much easier access but less colour options.

I received one shade in the PR package but bought the rest because I could not help it. Here are all 5 shades in the line – Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Mercury and Germanium.

Packaging is also similar – plastic pots with a screw-on lid and clear opening for colour sneak peaks, except Annabelle Chromes have black pots with silver lids instead of all white. Make sure you close the lids tight after use to maintain the creaminess.

Finish and colour payoff vary among the 5 shades, I found. Depending on the amount of product used, the applicator (your finger or a synthetic brush) and layering action, you can get a hint of glitters or full on foil glittery look on the eyes.

For more sheer/ light shades, my prefer application method is to tap the shadow lightly in the middle of the lid with my finger for a pop of shine, while apply more pigmented/ dark colours all over lids or outer V for accents.

Silver and Gold are pretty much shiny fine glitters in very sheer base, so they are good as eyeshadow toppers. Rose Gold has a beautiful light taupe base, ideal as an everyday lid colour.

Mercury‘s base is medium sheer charcoal with a strong hint of taupe, more beautiful than it looks in the pot. And the pigmented dark brown and less amount of glitters in Germanium makes it the ideal crease/ outer V shade.

Application is easy, and for the non topper shades, blending is a breeze. They all last well on the lids on top of a primer or existing eyeshadows and don not crease on me. I definitely add more products on the eyes for weekend look, but for work, a sheer layer is perfect.

The brand suggests using the light shades on the cheeks as highlighters but I find they are a bit too much for that. If you do try them that way, let me know how you like them.

The Chromes are 2g/ 0.07oz, $8.95 each. With a sale, they sure rival Colour Pop Super Shock (same weight, USD5). I am hoping for more colours, and I might buy them all when that happens šŸ™‚

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