Annabelle eye products

I have recently received a few products to try out from Annabelle Cosmetics and, needless to say, I’m excited.

Annabelle is a Canadian makeup brand, and what could be better than an product review opportunity on this blog. So let’s get right to it.
I got:
Studio pigments in Greed (green) and Karma (purple)
Eye makeup remover cloths comes in 2 packs of 15’s
Glitterama Liquid eyeliner in Blue Comet
Smudgeliner in Ohmygoth (black)
Smoothliner in Black, and
The Studio pigments are certainly the star of the bunch, just because they are awesome 🙂 Greed can bright up someone’s day in no time, either as the lid colour or just a little dab on the middle of the lid or on the crease. Karma surprised me with the slight blue hint that the camera managed to pick up (you gotta enlarge the picture to see it). Purple smoky eyes, anyone?

As always, they are swatched with a damp brush on top of a cream base. Good colour payoff, little fall out. And I gotta say the packaging is interesting and very different for the regular jars that pigments normally come in with. The litlle hole in the middle helps spill proof, didn’t bother me as I could still stick my brush in there to reach the colour. 

The glitter liner (swatch on the far right) is fun too, blue glitters in a clear gel base. It mystifies the lashes and add some jazz to the eyes 🙂 The tiny brush is great for picking up micro glitters, and it’s very gentle too. No worries about hurting your eyes with it.
The liners are creamy and waterproof with good pigmentation. They go on very smoothly, no tucking, no pulling and stay put. The smudgeliner comes with the extra sponge smudger on the other end, convenient for doing smoky eyes. It also has a wider range of colours (12) compared to Smoothliner (6). Coloured liners are convenient, especially when you are in a rush. I don’t always have time to run the brush with eyeshadows on the lower lashline, so applying a liner in similar colour family would be my solution. 
Both types of liners are not self-sharpened, so the A-98 sharpener is needed. The second swatch from the left is the same liner with smudging with the sponge tip.
And finally the makeup remover cloths. It only took one swipe for the pigments to come off, 2 swipes for the glitterama and a few wiping motions for the liners, with no hassle. They do have a scent but I can’t really tell what it is. They are suitable for sensitive skin, but I would still prefer them non-scented – personal preference.
So, in short, none of the products disappointed me. They did what they were supposed to do and they made this beauty addict happy. I can see myself reaching for them in many more days to come. And it feels good using Canadian products 🙂
Yay for Annabelle having good products with reasonable price tag. I’m also happy that they recently started to offer their products to the US through the phone. If you are in the US and interested in Annabelle products, view my Youtube Finds post.
What are your favorite products from Annabelle?

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