Annabelle Fall 2016 – Lips

Those who noticed my long break (other than with the Flyer Friday series), thank you for checking in. Those who didn’t, I am back anyway lol. Lots of PR things to catch up on, so let’s get to it.

If you have not seen new displays in stores already, Fall makeup products have arrived. Annabelle, as usual, goes big with lip products this year.

My most anticipated line is the Big Show gel lip liners, naturally because I love the gel liner concept, gentle on the lips but bold and long wearing.

Annabelle says these are the first long lasting (up to 7 hours) and waterproof lip liner line with a gel formula for smooth application.

Basic standard pencil format with colour-indicating packaging. I wish the liners adopt the twistup format, just to make my life easier. No sharpener is included either.

Good range of colours with 6 shades – Nude Attitude, Call Me Pinky, Meet Rosie, Fall for Fuchsia, Red is Love and Royal Purple, all matte, 0.042oz/ 1.2g, $8.95 each.

Closeup on the shades.

Nude Attitude has a pink undertone which is easier to wear than a basic nude on pigmented lips, while Call Me Pinky is a cool toned pink, more flattering on fair skin tone.

Meet Rosie is the all-occasion/ everyday shade, would look great on everyone, I think.

Starting the bold group, Fall for Fuchsia is a hot pink with a red undertone. Red is Love is a classic but slightly darker red, my favorite and age appropriate shade of red. Royal Purple, while still bold, is leaning toward a plum tone, hence not too over the top on.

Needless to say, I am very happy with the colours. The liners also wears very well on the lips, not drying nor uncomfortable. The only thing I need to note is that this gel formula feels a little more stiff than others I have tried, not scratchy but not soft either.

The next release is also very exciting – TwistUp Metallic retractable lipstick crayons.

If you remember, I love the original Annabelle TwistUp Retractable lipstick crayons. Then the brand introduced 4 Metal Mix (LE) shades in 2014, with sheer finish and a sheen to them.

I am happy to say the Metallic finish maintains the bold and pigmented reputation of the originals, with more shine in the formula and more jazz to the packaging (metallic instead of pure white writing).

6 shades available this time: Nude of Fame, Crazy Coral, Heavy Petal, Purple Panache, Rock & Rose and Heartbreaker.

Nude of Fame is indeed very nude, looks almost clear on me, great as a lipstick topper.

Crazy Coral is part coral, part red, very pretty but shows up a little more subtle on the lips than shown here. Heavy Petal and Purple Panache are quite subdued as well, easy to wear.

Now Rock & Rose and Heartbreaker are a different story – very bold colours, with quite strong metallic sheen but are not night-club crazy, still wearable for weekends or night-outs. To tone them down for day wear, I use them in the centre of the lips, on top of the gel liners above.

These Metallic TwistUps share the quality of the originals, I have nothing to complain. They are 0.05oz/ 1.5g, $9.95 each.

Similarly, I was also very smitten with Annabelle Lipsies last year? I called them lip balms for adults – they are moisturizing but affordable, smell good, and some have good colour payoff.

Now the brand introduces Lipsies Diamond, same formula but with a hint of shimmer. Those who prefer to spice up their lip colours in a more subtle way can opt for these instead of the TwistUp Metallic.

Same change made to the packaging – metallic/ shiny writing instead of bright white in the originals.

I received 2 shades: Rose Macaron and Wild Berries.

As you can see, the shine is amazing on these two, no doubt, so it would narrow down to the colours that work for you, if you plan to shop this release.

Rose Macaron is not a colour to wear alone for olive skin tone – cool toned and slightly milky, but again, as a topper, it is great. Wild Berries leans more pink than berry toned, works as a casual daily shade when you have no makeup on.

The Lipsies Diamond are 0.11oz/ 3.2g (vs. 0.12oz/ 3.5g in regular Lipsies), with the same price – $4.95 each.

UPDATE: Among the lineup of 12 shades, 6 are Limited Edition – Bubble Gum, Cantaloupe, Chocolate, Cinnamon Roll, Dragon Fruit and Pomegranate.

Also, to make room for these Lipsies Diamond, the core Lipsies line is reduced in half with Lime, Lychee, Cupcake, Grapefruit, Strawberry and Fruit Punch being discontinued. If your favorite shade/ flavour is in this list, grab it now.

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