Annabelle Fall products

Exciting makeup today, it’s the Annabelle Fall collection 🙂

You might have seen the display in store already, my quick recommendation is to grab a few to try out.

The experience is worth it!

The items I was sent, from top to bottom:
– Retractable eyeliner in Twilighting
– Eyeshadow quads in Java Jive and Pink-a-Boo
– TwistUp Retractable lipstick crayons in Cherry, Fuchsianista and Plump It Up.

2 brand new product lines and new additions to a current line, it is a good line up.

All products come with plastic wraps except the liner. Here they are closeup with the wraps and lids/ caps off.

Don’t the eyeshadow quads look fun and pretty? I assume they are the replacement of the 4Show quads. My greedy mind would love to have the slot that houses the 2 sponge tip applicators filled with another eyeshadow shade instead, but this does not mean that I don’t enjoy the quads, cause I do.

Let’s talk TwistUps first though 🙂

I reviewed the whole line of Annabelle TwistUp Retractable lipstick crayons back at the beginning of the year. This fall, Annabelle comes out with 12 more shades in four colour groups:
– Electric Vivids where Fuchsianista and Plump It Up are a part of
– Glamourous Reds for those who love old Hollywood looks or can rock a bold red lip
– Essential Nudes for the other end of the colour spectrum and preference, and
– Dramatic Bordeaux in which Cherry belongs.

The texture is still creamy (enriched with Omega 3 + 6 and shea butter), offers smooth application and moisturizing feel on the lips. Colour payoff is great as well.

Paraben and perfume free, these tubes have 0.05oz/ 1.5 g each, retail CAD9.95.

The new eyeliners have also adopted the swiveling mechanism, they are also waterproof with long lasting formula (claimed 12 hours), with a sharpener in the other end for cases of precise application. I definitely enjoy all that they have to offer, just found the texture a tiny bit harder than the smudgeliners.

The pencils are 0.01oz/ 0.34g each (vs. 0.04oz/ 1.2g in the smudgeliners), 6 shades in total, with CAD9.95 suggested retail price which sadly is the downside – less product for more $. It’ll come to your preference of the sharpening mechanism or size.

The swatches!

Twilighting liner, on me, is a dark dark plum, a nice change up from the regular black. Very fall appropriate.

2 things about the TwistUps: (1) these 3 colours show up on your lips differently than what the colours in the tube indicate, and (2) they photograph darker than IRL.

Cherry turns out to be a dark burgundy red, super flattering on me. Fuchsianista is a hot coral pink, and Pump It Up is a reddish pink. Great for summer, transitioning to fall. I might have to check out the other new shades 🙂

The new eyeshadow quad in Java Jive and Pink-a-Boo are next.

There are certainly different ways to pair up the colours in each quad for different looks, but if you are new to makeup or need some ideas, check out the “Tips” tab on the product page (linked above).

A step up from the 4Show, these eyeshadows are even more smooth, long wearing (claiming 8 hours, which I found is true, with a primer), very easy to blend, minimal fallout.

Also paraben and perfume free, 0.25oz/ 7.2g (vs. 0.17oz/ 5g in 4Show), CAD16.95. 6 colour combos available, my next “target” is Haute Mer.

Swatches, same order as above.

As much as I love bright colours, I have grown to love neutrals lately and Java Jive couldn’t have come at a better time. All 4 colours are pigmented and compliment each other well. All around a great quad for work.

Pink-a-Boo offers an awesome dark purple, with a hint of blue flash. However, the 2 shades on the left side of the quad are less pigmented, especially the shade on the bottom left. I didn’t expect a grey as it looks like a dusty lilac in the pan, and I had to build it up a little here for pigmentation. The pink is also a little frosty to my taste.

So, I definitely recommend the TwistUps (all 3 I tried, and more) and the Java Jive eyeshadow quad. Catch them on a sale and get yourself some great buys. Looks on these makeup will follow soon.

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