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Annabelle new eye products 2014

Now that we know how fun Annabelle’s new lip products are, let’s see how the new eye products compare :)

In this bunch, we see something brand new (InstaGlam Brow and Stay Sharp eyeliners) and something a step up from current love (Le Big Show mascara).

Not as bold and colourful like the lip products, but the designs and how these products work are not any less exciting. Let’s get to them, shall we?

The Stay Sharp format you read yesterday with the lips extends to eyes too – these are Annabelle Waterproof kohl eyeliners in Cappuccino and Go Black.

The same Stay Sharp concept – sharpening with a twist of the cap (and twisting up, as a result of it) with no mess. The lasting power for these eyeliners is claimed twice as long as with the lip liners – up to 12 hours, and no transfer, safe for the waterline.

Love the sharp point for waterline lining, but I secretly wish for a nude colour to open up my eyes, instead of the bold black or brown which might be a little harsh for daily wear (but are great for special occasions).

The liners are comfortable to draw on, no tugging/ pulling. On me, they last till the end of the work days smudged on the lower lash lines and about half way through the afternoon as a thin line on the waterline. Removal takes a bit of makeup remover and gentle swiping.

Here they are swatched multiple times to make thick lines. Go Black Not the darkest black but is dark enough, Cappuccino is quite warm, great for everyday use.

The Stay Sharp kohl liners are available in 6 colours, $9.95 each, also $4 off in store (with coupon) and online.

On to the mascara. If you haven’t heard enough raves about Annabelle Le Big Show mascara, you will hear about it again today :)

It is one of the best mascaras in my stash, simple, no big bells & whistles, very easy to use, stays on well, no flaking/ smudging.

The two things about Le Big Show that people discussed about constantly:
– the wet formula (at the beginning, improves over time), and
– the non-waterproof formula.

Annabelle answered with Le Big Show Waterproof mascara in Black.

Here are both versions of Le Big Show – pink tube (non-waterproof) and blue tube (waterproof), and the brushes in the same order.

The claim for both length and volume without clumps remains the same, just with a raincoat :) I find both versions holding the curls pretty much the same way.

No changes were made to the thin nylon brush either. If you notice a difference in the density of the bristles, it would due to the difference in length of use of each. Of course I have used the original a lot longer than the waterproof one.

Le Big Show Waterproof mascara retails for $9.95.

And lastly, Annabelle InstaGlam Brow Design + Fix in Medium to Dark. Dual ended tube for a complete brow routine.

The Brow Design end (0.06oz/ 1.8ml) is a marker meant to deposit a (sheer) colour on the  eyebrows. The pointed felt tip allows precision and control.

If you notice my FOTDs on the blog, I do my brows with pencils almost all the time, so I need practice with a marker. Despite being sheer, Brow Design fills in the brows quickly and intensely (at least this shade). I have to find that balance between coverage and colour to not overdo my brows.

Once on, it stays on till the end of the day. Just make sure to let it dry before touching your brows.

Below is the InstaGlam Brow Design colour (far right) next to the 2 Stay Sharp liners mentioned above, for pigmentation comparison.

The Brow Fix end (0.08oz/ 2.4ml) houses a clear gel and a small mascara-like applicator to seal in the colour from the Brow Design marker and keep the shape of the brows.

The hold power is great, without the product being crispy or hard on the brows. 

I find holding the tube horizontally while doing my brows helps maintain a good flow of colour (with Brow Design) and gel (with Brow Fix). The only concern is how fast the marker will run out, as I don’t want it to :)

All in all, it takes practice to use but InstaGlam Brow Design + Fix is growing on me. The tube retails for $12.95.

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