Annabelle Pro Makeup brushes

Back in June, Annebelle channel on Youtube held the Fast and Glorious Contest. Basically they hid a special code on their website and we gotta hunt it down. The first 40 people who emailed them the code would win a set of their Pro Makeup brushes. And I did win! I was curious about their brushes since the Custome Quad Guru makeoff contest, so it certainly is nice to have some free brushes to try out.

The package came in the mail a few days ago. I received:
– A-13: powder brush (reg. CAD13), made out of 100% natural goat hair. The bristles could be a little softer, in my opinion. If I am going to use the brush for regular or bronzing powder as suggested on the package, it would need to be a tad softer. I don’t want to end up with too much product on my face. Also, the brush smells a little plastic-y. I assume that is because it is new. I’ll have to wash it and see how it does after.

– A-21: large shader brush (reg. CAD8), made out of natural pony hair. I actually like this brush. I love eyeshadows, so eye makeup brushes are always useful. The brush is fluffy, not too soft, not too hard which is great for packing the colours on the lids. I am currently using Loew Cornell 270 Maxine’s Mop 3/8 and 1/4 for my (pressed and loose) eyeshadows and quite happy with them. They are artist brushes but work well as makeup brushes, as recommended by many makeup gurus. This A-21 brush’s head is a little larger than the 3/8, as seen in the comparison picture. I sure need it when I apply shadows in a hurry which is basically every morning. Please ignore the dirtiness of the 3/8, as I don’t normally wash my brushes until after I wash my face before bed time, as part of my nighttime routine.

– A-6: lip brush with cap (reg. CAD7), made out of synthetic fiber. I don’t have a use for this brush, as I think it’s only needed to apply tinted lip balms or lip stains. Right now, I’m quite simple with some lipstick and a dab of gloss on top, so I wouln’t need this brush.

All in all, I sure will be using the shader brush and might test out the powder brush with my mineral foundation. The lip brush will have to wait until I have a product to use it with. Note: I won these brushes and decide to do the review on my own. I didn’t get paid to do a review.

If any of you has used Annabelle brushes before, let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by.

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