Annabelle Spring 2016

Get ready for colours, as Annabelle’s Spring release this year is just that!

These are the brand new Big Show lacquers in a beautiful range of pinks and reds.

Meant to be shiny, lightweight, non sticky, non drying, pigmented and long wearing, Big Show lacquers are a hybrid of a lipstick (for the saturated colours), a gloss (for the shine) and a stain (for lasting power).

The line includes Adore Simply, Caress Tenderly, Kiss Sweetly, Enchant Romantically, Love Fiercely and Hypnotize Deeply.

Shade names are printed in black on clear stickers at the bottom of the tubes, a little hard to read. Wouldn’t it be more fun if those beautiful names are just written right on the tubes?

The slanted sponge tip applicator is basic and small, and it works.

The colours swatches more opaque on the hand (see below). On the lips, I do need to layer them up in thin coats, but the finish is beautiful. Not much of a stain afterward that I notice though. They do transfer and fade with food/ drinks also.

Important note: Try not to layer too much or the product will leave a bit of residue line on the inside of the lip.

The lacquers have a fruity vanilla scent that is noticeable during application but not much longer after that.

With the exception of Adore Simply being very light (cool toned pink tinted), the other 5 shades (Caress Tenderly, Kiss Sweetly, Enchant Romantically, Love Fiercely and Hypnotize Deeply) are bright, but not as bold as how they look in the tubes.

I normally prefer one coaters on the lips, but surprisingly have a lot of fun with both wearing these lacquers alone for a sheer natural look and layering them on other lip products and watch the colour/ finish changes.

The lacquers are $9.95 each, $5 off online right now, for limited time!

3 new Waterproof liquid eyeliners in Black Star, Bronze and Blue Spark, bringing more colours to the face 🙂

The formula is supposed to be quick dry, glossy, long lasting (up to 24hrs) and glide on easily without smudging/ flaking.

I can confirm most of these claims, except for the 24 hour part as I did not wear makeup that long. The liners did last through my normal work days and gym classes. I found some tiny transfer when I wore just the eyeliner on the lash line, so I recommend adding at least a wash of eyeshadows on the lids with it.

Standard packaging for liquid eyeliners, with short tip (slightly firm, great for newbies like me) and long handle.

And Annabelle means waterproof when it says waterproof 🙂 The liners survived the swipe test on my hand after they dried, and last through flurries when I was out shoveling and other watery episodes on the eyes through a normal day 🙂

The colours have good coverage so I don’t need to layer them on, and the sparkles are a nice touch.

The green tint in Black Star makes it appear less intense than a pure black. Bronze is a little too close to my skin tone to be noticeable. Blue Spark is naturally the bold colour of choice and it does not disappoint.

These waterproof eyeliners are $8.95 each.

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