Another Barbeque

What can I say? It’s convenient and one of my fav ways to cook in the Summer!  

Throw a few chops on the grill, seasoned with garlic powder, pepper & some BBQ sauce.


I don’t normally buy pre-packaged sides but picked this up a couple of weeks ago thinking it would come in handy.  Perfect for a lazy day where I wanted to do the least amount of cooking possible. 😉  Uncle Ben’s Natural Select Roasted Chicken & Wild Rice.


IMG_3920 IMG_3906

The pork chop were cooked to perfection! So juicy!

I liked the rice, was really flavourful and not as high in sodium as other packaged side dishes.
The crunchy wild grains were the best! I usually have brown rice so the wild was a nice change.


More fresh beans from the garden!  So good you did even need butter! 

Another BBQ success. I love summer cooking! 🙂 There really is so much you can cook on the BBQ.  Some of my favs include:

  • peppers
  • corn
  • hamburgers
  • steak
  • taters
  • pineapple
  • peaches

What’s your favourite thing to BBQ?


Did a bit of updating to the blog today.  Made a few changes to the layout so that I could have two side bars.  The recipe section is up and running, got about 15 linked so far, with more to come.   I also made a media page, and am in the process of creating a “Hali-Life” page.  This is going to include my posts on local restaurants, fun stuff we’ve done in the area, trails etc.  I’m kinda excited! 

My day was pretty boring.  Was up early, lazed around and got some chores done.  That’s about it.  We’re heading out to the movies soon.  Such an exciting life we lead. 😉

reno chronicles #5

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