Another day by the sea….

Oh my, we had a reprieve from the weather this weekend! The sun came out to play so I jumped in the car and took a quick drive to Peggy’s Cove. It is only forty minutes away. I’ve been there a bazillion times but it never fails to calm me down and fill me up!

I’ve taken so many taken so many pictures here, it is fun to try and see something new to capture. Familiar subjects but different light, new angle, etc, etc…. There are some great wee houses dotted here and there on the granite. Clustered around the harbour. Some of them are now bed and breakfasts.

I am delighted with the response to my Spring photo e-course. Sensational Snap Society! Thanks so much. It was a terrible time to announce it, on a Saturday morning but I was excited and I am not the greatest with withholding good news! If I’ve got something to share, I have to do it right away! I think it is going to be fun. I’ve been puttering away with ideas and format etc. for ages but finally got the oomph to get it done and out there! I hope you will join us. I do have a student rate so please email me if you need it:)


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