Another New Beginning

After living in the UK for four months in late 2010, I found myself wanting a change when I got back to Halifax in the New Year.  I wasn’t sure what this change was going to be, but I knew it was going to be big and I knew it was going to be fast.

Over the past year I’ve been studying to become a personal trainer, taking three separate courses but not having the time to write any of the exams.  I’ve been a graphic designer and web developer for 12 years, and in all honesty, I thought my “big change” would be to finally write these exams and a career change in to the fitness industry.  I knew I was due for a new job, and with my love and passion for fitness that’s what I had decided I wanted it to be.

Last month I got an email from a friend of mine who lives in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (Northern Canada) asking me if I’d be interested in a job working for the same company that he works for.  He’d been working for the company for two years and they’ve gotten so busy that they needed someone to help him out.  After taking a long time to think about it (three weeks) I contacted him to see if the job was still available.  They were interviewing for the position as we spoke, but he really thought I’d be perfect for it and put in touch with his boss immediately.

After an hour-long phone conversation with the owner of the company, I was sitting in a position where I had just been offered a fulltime job with an amazing company that was 7,000 km away from my home.

What to do?  What to do?

Another New Beginning

Photo of Nothern Lights by David Watson

Well it’s obvious that I took the job, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post.  It took a lot of consideration, the missus getting a fantastic job in the accounting department of the same company and me going to visit and enjoying my three-day stay in Yellowknife last week, but yes, I took the job and we’re officially moving to Yellowknife May 23st, 2011.

So, where I thought the big change in my life was going to be getting in to personal training as a fulltime career and living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, it turns out that my big change is a new job with an ad agency as a project manager for their digital media division which is 7,000km away from home.

I still plan on getting my certifications and becoming a personal trainer, but I think I’ll wait until the cold, cold winters, when I won’t want to leave the house.

And don’t fret, Your Inner Skinny will live and be strong from the North!

Another New Beginning

Photo of Nothern Lights by David Watson


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