‘Apollo 18′ Trailer

I guess I was naïve to think that the world was done with the ‘found footage’ sub-genre of thrillers/horrors. Though I suppose the success of both Paranormal Activity films should have been a bit of a tip off to the contrary.

To be fair, I have seen a couple decent ones. It’s just that, while there’s always an element of suspension of disbelief in watching any film, I find the ‘here’s some footage of a really horrific, true thing that actually happened…that we’re showing at the theatre for profit’ mechanic breaks the illusion. Portraying the film as reality is an irrelevant addition that doesn’t actually add a thing.

Tangent over. Here’s the trailer for the latest sub-genre entry, Apollo 18 – or as I like to think of it, Blair Witch: In Space!

What do you think of ‘found footage’ films, oh valued readers? Sound off in the comments.

(Can’t see the video? Click here.)

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