April 21

Not a bad night for sports on the tube. A little miffed about CBC cutting away from the Pens/Flyers for Canucks/Blues. I’m assuming they are contractually obligated to show the Canucks, because they must know that most people east of BC would rather see that Pens game. Great series so far, heading into a pivotal game 4…Canucks have that Blues series pretty much wrapped up. Turns out the Pens won, now up 3-1.

Hurricanes scored the game winner with two tenths left on the clock to beat the Devils, 4-3. Brodeur went bananas after the game ( I love how goalies always have a hard time breaking their sticks, meanwhile a regular stick snaps on a wrist shot). He definitely got bumped but he was 2-3 feet outside his crease. I’ve got the Devils going to the Cup so hopefully they can recover back in beautiful Newark, New Jersey.

Can’t wait for the Ducks/Sharks game. What an intriguing match up, especially with the Ducks winning the first 2 games. All those gritty former cup winners on the Ducks vs the president trophy winning Sharks with a recent history of folding in the playoffs. If you lose this playoff series, you’re looking at a long 12 months before the 2010 playoffs if you are a San Jose Shark.

Switched over to the Cavs/Pistons game, Detroit has actually closed to within 8 points with 4 minutes to play! Can you imagine if the Cavs actually had 2 or 3 more decent players besides Mo Williams to go with Lebron. James got 66 wins out of a group that consisted of a dude who looks like Carlito the wrestler, and Willy Sczerbiak with a knee brace! Wow.

No way the Jazz beat the Lakers tonight. I’ll be shocked if the Jazz win a game in that series. Is it just me or does L.A. go 12 deep. Their best player in game 1 may have been Trevor Ariza! You get the feeling that Cabbie could put a uniform on and put up 10 and 5.

GREAT SAVE LUONGO!! (love that Jim Hughson expression). Luongo just made a very special save with 5 mins left and game still tied.
Canucks/Blues now in OT, I wish they were showing the Ducks game but i think you can watch it on CBC website. Obviously an ot game is great and it’s a canadian team, but I can’t take a 3-0 series seriously until the losing team at least wins a game…especially now that the Sharks/Ducks are 2-2 in the 1st… that’s it I’m going to the CBC website.

Just watched a great scrap in the Ducks game between 6’3″ Doug Murray and 6’5″ George Parros. However, it went about 20 seconds too long. Some punches were thrown and exchanged, but it reached the point where both guys were just hanging on, yet the linesmen did not step in. This has been a point of contention for me all season. The linesmen need to get in there and break it up when it’s painfully obvious to everyone that both guys have got nothing left in the tank. Then maybe guys will stop getting dragged to the ice and banging their heads.

Earlier I posted a piece from the new Roger Clemens book, if you get a chance give it a lookover, it’s really good. I just read a different brand spankin new book on the fall of the Rocket by Jeff Pearlman, entitled the Day the Rocket Came Back to Earth, and it was a great read as well. Although a little too similar to the book about the fall of Barry Bonds that Pearlman wrote 2 years ago, both in style and context, but still a great book.

Alex Burrows….scores! Thank god… tough angle shot, no way that puck should get by Mason. Canucks can rest up for round 2 and now we can settle in and watch Ducks/Sharks.

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