Are You Looking for a Valuable Volunteer Experience?

volunteer1 PRCC recognizes that Volunteers are an integral part of our team!

Volunteers use their unique talents, skills and knowledge in special ways to offer individualized support in our programs, assisting and supporting in the development of group and recreational activities.

Do you love teaching preschoolers and creating extremely fun and exciting learning experiences?

Are you ready to open their minds and imaginations to the wonders of learning?

prcc-logo-200-trans Prospect Road Community Centre Preschool is looking for someone who loves to see young kids smiling and having fun as they learn.If this is you and you have 3-6 hours/week to volunteer your time in our preschool class please contact or call 852-5491!

Duties include: Spending quality time with the children helping them play, learn and socialize with their peers in a recreational preschool environment.



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