Argyle Shared Street Pilot Project

Monday, July 20, 2015 (Halifax, NS) – The Halifax Regional Municipality is pleased to support an exciting urban design initiative getting underway this week in downtown Halifax. A pilot project will temporarily transform a section of Argyle Street, between Sackville Street and Blowers Street, with an alternative, pedestrian-oriented street design that will provide space for community events and activation.
The Argyle Streetscaping Pilot Project mixes very low speed motor vehicle traffic with pedestrian traffic, and will include changes in the portion of the street dedicated to vehicular and pedestrian travel to allow for additional on-street amenities and seating. The Argyle Streetscaping Pilot Project is an opportunity to test street configuration options that could be implemented in the permanent Argyle Street redesign planned to align with the completion of the Nova Centre development in 2017.
Municipal staff have been working with various stakeholders including the Downtown Halifax Business Commission, the Planning and Design Centre, and Argyle Street business owners, to develop the trial shared street design that will be implemented on this section of Argyle Street for a trial period this summer, beginning today, July 20 into early September.
Installation of changes within the right-of-way getting underway this week include expanding pedestrian space, applying paint to the street, and limiting delivery times to before 11 a.m. Monday to Thursday.

Argyle Street between Sackville Street and Blowers Street will also be closed to vehicular traffic each Thursday night, and all day Friday through Sunday for the duration of the trial period. The street closures will allow the Downtown Halifax Business Commission and their partners to deliver various community events and activities, including the launch event on Sunday, July 26. Please note the this street block may also be closed periodically during the installation week beginning on Monday, July 20.
For more information on the Argyle Streetscaping Pilot Project, and updates on the official launch and other events, visit

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