Art and Everest!

Look what I have been working on:) I love these wee wooden plaques. They are about 4 inches in diameter and 3/4 inch thick with a hole in the back to hang them.

Now, here’s where you come in:) I am wondering if I should sell them separately or in groups of three. I think I will try selling them on Etsy first. What do you think? I just love them:)) They were fun to paint and I have loads more ideas for them. I will let you know when they are listed.

Here is something interesting I came across yesterday. I have always been fascinated by climbing and Everest in particular. Scott Parazynski the astronaut, is climbing for the second time, last year he almost made it but had to stop. I found out about his expedition while poking about the DiscoveryTV site, I think it is sponsored by NASA. He is on Twitter and you can read about their expedition here on the website onorbit. Scott is at base camp IV now at 26,000 feet (the death zone) and plans to push towards the summit around 7-8 EDT today!! (sunrise on 20th in Nepal)EDITED:HE MADE IT 6:15EDT!!!! Everest summit is 29,029 feet. It is remarkable to me that I can sit here in my cozy home in Nova Scotia and follow the final moments of the toughest climb on earth almost as it is happening! This was video of him was recorded 4 days ago.

PS: the package they are discussing contains moon rocks.

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