Atlantic Canada’s COOLest kids on Twitter

[With PodCamp Halifax 2010 taking place this past weekend, I had the opportunity to schmooze with some pretty cool web geeks. My next guest is a young up-and-comer in the sphere of online marketing & social media and he’s here to talk about one of my favourite sites. If you’re not on Twitter yet, jump in! The water’s warm and with the help of these recommended people you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Remember, I’m still looking for your East Coast stories and opinions. Got something to say? Drop me a line at kimberly.aliasgrace [at] gmail [dot] com or DM me on Twitter @AliasGrace.]

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By Ross Simmonds

I’m a big fan of acronyms and thought it would be only fitting to spend the last hour trying to figure out what words could represent the letters; C-O-O-L. To my surprise, it didn’t come out half bad. Find below some of the most creative and obviously outstanding lads/ladies tweeting in Atlantic Canada! This list doesn’t include every C-O-O-L tweep in Halifax, If you want to find them you could probably find them here or here and here…did I mention here?

3 Creative & Obviously Outstanding Ladies

Bessy Nikolaou

Bessy is a marketing gal with a sweet tooth for all things digital. This Haligonians tweets range from cool links about marketing to hilarious links about porn parodies. Those are the reasons why she is creative; now why is she outstanding? Well this is simple. No one in Halifax has a palate like Bessy. If you are looking for a solid place to grab a bite to eat, she is the person to go to for that recommendation.

Nicola Hancock

Seeing that her twitter handle is @NicolaCourtney we came to the conclusion that her birth certificate would read something like “Nicola Courtney Hancock.” Nicola is a 20 something tweeter who is known to make her followers smirk with a one word tweet. She doesn’t tweet in only one place though—she is also known to drop a tweet during her 9-5 over @RemedySpa.

Lauren Oostveen

She graduated with PR from Mount Saint Vincent University and has taken the twitterverse by storm ever sense. She tweets under two different accounts, @NS_Archives and @LaurenOostveen. On both accounts you can find informative tweets and most importantly a solid look at Haligonian history. Lauren is a must follow, I mean seriously—she isn’t called Halifax’s best twitterer for nothing! Gail Lethbridge said it best “Lauren is bringing old Halifax, to new Halifax!”

3 Creative & Obviously Outstanding Lads

Darrin J. Searancke

Not often can you follow someone in Halifax with a knife the size of Crocodile Dundee. Just don’t confuse this New Zealand native with an Australian or you might get to see that knife up close and personal. Darrin is a jack of all trades with 10 years of experience in both communication and web/print design. He is also a blogger over at New Punishment where he shares information on a variety of different topics.

Duane Jones

Duane runs his own design company and runs a blog focused around his personal life and hip hop. Originally from Bermuda, Duane is grabbing twitter by the balls and sharing his passions towards design and hip hop with all those he interacts with. Ranging from giving tweeps a chance at winning tickets to hot local concerts to interesting links about graphic and web design—you’re sure to benefit from following Glitterati_D!

Kenny Norton

There aren’t many young guns on twitter who are actually using it to engage with local tweeps and not just follow Brody Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Kenny is a GenY kid who really gets social media and has ambition to succeed in the world of business. If you are looking for someone who will not only take you back to your youth but also provide you with some interesting links and tweets this is one GenY you should be following.

This is a blog post from Ross Simmonds—a local digital marketing enthusiast who tweets about whatever he feels like under the alias @TheCoolestCool.


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