Atlantic Memorial Terence Bay to Dedicate School Fish to Community

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Join us at the Terence Bay Site of Atlantic Memorial School for “Songs from the Sea” to dedicate our school fish to the community. 6:30 p.m. Thursday June 16, 2011

Background Info: Our Learning Center teacher Donna Nelson saw a similar project in Sambro and asked if we were interested.

Kyle Jackson (artist) met with us and as a staff we discussed possible projects and came up with the Fat Fish. We applied for a grant through Art Smart.

All the children from Primary to 5 helped to build the structure and do the art work for the scales. We also invited 3 class from the Atlantic Memorial site to spend a day designing and pastelling scales.

We started on Monday morning and finished it on Friday during the last week of March. There are over 450 scales on the fish.


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