Attention All Newfi…Er…Newfoundlanders! “#NewfieLaneGate” #Sackville

So Sackville has a “Newfie Lane” and a lady complained about it. I am not from NFLD so I can’t really comment much. I will leave it up to people from the Rock.

  Can I call it “The Rock”? LOL
I have recently taken heat for the Sackvegas nickname and I think you all know how I feel about fun nicknames. I hope this lady knows that there is a “Newfie Lane” or “Newfie Corner” at every campground around here for seasonal campers.
Anyway, I would really like to hear from actual Newfoundlanders about this. It’s your issue and if it is offensive then that’s fine by me.


Newfie Lane

Parking restrictions – Nova Centre site – Sept. 17-20

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