August Was Nice And Warm

Clam Harbour Beach (from Chronicle Herald)

While the last week or two in July was cool and damp in a number of Maritime communities (see summary), August was warmer than average, with both the high and low temperatures about 2C warmer than normal.

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Many locations received their share of rainfall.  However, given the high humidity levels, most of the rain was associated with heavy downpours or thunderstorms. Charlottetown had over 170mm of rainfall.  However, most of this came during two days, the 22nd of August with 74mm and the 27th with 60mm.

Elsewhere, there were only several (between 2 and 4) days with over 10mm.  Halifax Airport, for example, had 76mm for the month; but most of that occurred in four days (the rainiest day being 09 August: 30.6mm)

While the first day of September is cooler than normal, the Labour Day long weekend should be quite warm and dry.

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In fact, the Environment Canada outlook for the month is for an overall above normal mean temperature.

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Hurricane Season

The El Nino warm waters in the tropical pacific have strengthened the jetstream over the tropical Atlantic.  Consequently, storms moving westward from the coast of Africa have been weakening, as the moisture is being “sheared” off by the strong westerly winds aloft.  Pay attention to any storms forming off the coast of Florida or the Carolina this month.  They may be less impacted by El Nino, and may threaten our area this month or next.


enjoy the great late summer weather!

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September to watch for