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Author Reading: Unforseen Fury by Chriistopher McGarry

Author Reading: Unforseen Fury by Chriistopher McGarry

Please join us this Sunday afternoon at the Alderney Gate library for a reading by maritime author Christopher McGarry. A journalist by trade, Unforeseen Fury (M) is Christopher’s debut novel.
Author Reading: Unforseen Fury by Chriistopher McGarry “Josh Donaldson has survived two brutal tours in Iraq, the tragic death of his adoring wife Mallory and is just beginning to get settled into a new life with his two young daughters Jessica and Caitlin when he experiences every parent’s worst nightmare. After Jessica, his youngest daughter, breaks her arm, the highly – decorated ex – marine is falsely accused of child abuse. After his children are ripped away from him by a coldhearted child protection worker named Lori Mancuso, the jaded war veteran, using his elite military skills, escapes police custody and wages a one – man war against what he sees as a cruel and unaccountable bureaucracy. Later, Josh teams up with a woman who has her own dark past with Mancuso and together they devise to plan to rescue his daughters and bring the tyrant who conspired to ruin both of their lives to justice.”–Publisher.
Alderney Gate Public Library
Sunday, March 10/2:00 pm
If you enjoyed reading Unforseen Fury, you may also like these other novels featuring war veterans:
The Things a Brother Knows
by Dana Reinhardt
Author Reading: Unforseen Fury by Chriistopher McGarry “Levi’s older brother Boaz returns from fighting with the Marines in the Middle East. He’s safe. Levi’s family has waited three long years for this. But Boaz is no longer the brother Levi thought he knew. Even if nobody else wants to see it, Levi can tell that Boaz has changed; something’s wrong. When Boaz announces he’s off to hike the Appalachian Trail, Levi knows he’s lying. He’s heading somewhere else. So Levi follows, determined to understand who his brother was, what he’s been through, and how to bring him home again.” – Publisher.
The Wrong Man (M)
by David Ellis
Author Reading: Unforseen Fury by Chriistopher McGarry “When Jason Kolarich accepts the case of a homeless Iraq War veteran accused of murdering a young paralegal, his course seems clear: to mount an insanity defense for a man suffering so badly from post-traumatic stress disorder that he has no real memory of the crime. But as Kolarich digs deeper, he realizes that, unlikely as it seems, his client is probably innocent. Only days before her death, the murdered paralegal had stumbled onto something she wasn’t supposed to know . . . ” – Publisher
Braco (M)
by  Lesleyanne Ryan
Author Reading: Unforseen Fury by Chriistopher McGarry “This novel takes place over the five days following the fall of Srebrenica in 1995. The narrative follows the perspectives of Bosnian civilians, UN Peacekeepers, Serbian and Bosnian soldiers, as well as a Canadian photojournalist. A retired veteran and former Bosnian Peacekeeper, Ryan vividly captures the visceral tension and horror of Bosnian refugees fleeing Srebrenica, the ensuing massacre of Bosnian men, and the inability of the Dutch peacekeepers to protect them.” – Publisher


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