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Welcome to The Reader, a blog from the Readers' Services staff at Halifax Public Libraries. Our goal is to create a forum for book news and related discussion among leisure readers. A place for Halifax leisure readers to interact with their library and the larger community of leisure readers.


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The Audio Alternative


Unlike many of my colleagues and friends, I am sadly unable to read on the bus. A couple years ago I was faced with a long work commute (1h20 each way!) so I decided it was time to give the library’s audiobook collection a try. To my...

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Happy Birthday Nabokov!


Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov is considered of the world's greatest writers. Born on April 22nd, 1899 in Saint Petersburg to a noble and wealthy family, he spoke Russian, English, and French from an early age. Nabokov graduated from the...

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Exploring Autism


I recently came across a Reddit thread that asked people with autism what they wished others could understand about their condition. The results were varied, but a frequent answer was that they didn't want to be condescended to or treated like...

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Family Secrets


Memoirs and autobiographies are among the most popular non-fiction genres. There a lots of subgenres in this field (my own personal favourite are food memoirs!) but lately I've been noticing a trend of what I'll call the Family Secrets...

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