Autumn festivities

Waterlily at Julie’s Pond, Hemlock Ravine Park, Halifax. Autumn colours reflected in the water, so pretty. I love this pond. Every season has something to offer.

Today is the start of the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend. Coming from a British household, growing up it was never a holiday that we would celebrate in a big way. We would have a nice meal but that was it. Yesterday I purchased a small turkey that I plan on cooking at some point over the next three days:) The house smells so good when there is something delicious roasting in the oven. Reminds me of Christmas…and Thanksgiving:)

Tomorrow I’m going to the Maritime Fall Fair. Something we’ve done since I was a small girl, although in those days it was called The Atlantic Winter Fair. Livestock exhibitions and quilts and pickles. The main arena hosts the rodeo and the draft horse competitions. etc. The Percherons and Clydesdales get gussied up with fancy ribbons, braided manes and tails, brass all polished and head out onto the turf for displays of skill and handling. One of my favourite events.

It’s also the one time I cave in and buy some fudge to much on as I roam around the fairgrounds. Junk food and fairs go hand in hand. Looking forward to it:)

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