Avon SuperShock gel liner pencils

Remember way back when the pixiwoo sisters mentioned Avon SuperShock gel eye liner pencils? Lots of us were disappointed to know that they were UK exclusives at the time.

Fast forward to the day I saw them in an Avon brochure, it felt like Christmas lol. I have since ordered 4 of them (see colours below).

According to Avon, these pencils are formulated with 20% liquid gel and vitamin E to smoothly create a flawless line every time – with the ease and precision of a pencil and the high-impact color of a gel.

pixiwoo’s raves did raise a high standard that I hope these pencils would meet. And they did!

The shades I got, from top to bottom, are Intense Brown, Plumful, Cobalt and Aqua Pop. I was in the mood for colours, so I passed on Blackout. Looks like it was used on Kat Denning at the People’s Choice Awards lol.

Look at the holographic letters on the pencils, they are the “SuperShock” after all 🙂

Here are the colours, in the same order.

By the look, Intense Brown seems to be the most basic, no shimmers. From Plumful, Cobalt to Aqua Pop, we start seeing a bit of shine. The swatches below prove that too.

The pencils are not the twist up kind, so yes we have to sharpen them and lose some of the precious gel core in the process 🙁 I have not used these to the point they need sharpening, but I can already see the pain of that day.

It might sound silly to you, but I can’t pick a favorite among these four shades.  

Intense Brown satisfies my daily/ work look uses, while Plumful, Cobalt and Aqua Pop spice up any neutral look when I want to. And they are all very pigmented, so smooth, soft and comfortable on my eyes, thanks to that gel texture.

I did two swipes of the pencils for each swatch here to show you the colours, but on the eyes, I only needed one swipe. I almost didn’t have words to describe my excitement. All the raves hold true!

These SuperShock pencils retail for $10 a piece but are on sale at times for around $5-$6. I totally recommend them, and hope Avon will bring out more colours to the line.

I’ll do looks featuring these shades, stay tuned!

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