Featured Items: Dress: c/o Awfully Pretty | Necklace: Sears

It’s always satisfying when I get to partner with a brand that’s just getting their start, and especially so when they are Canadian.
Kelly Trager’s idea to start her own online site, Awfully Pretty originated out of her infatuation with online shopping. While most people waking up jonesing coffee, she wakes up and checks the internet. Being an advid online shopper herself, Trager wanted to create an online shop that avoids dreaded exchange rates, customs, duties, fees and “the offering of your first born child” which she suggests it can often feel that way with online shopping!
Committed to maintaining its originality,  Awfully Pretty has some great pieces that I think you will enjoy blog reader. From provocative poppy red bralettes to perfectly draped dress, and darling accessories this shop’s got you covered.
Due to the popularity of the company, unfortunately the dress I’m sporting above is these shots is in very high demand. Meaning that it might be difficult for you to purchase it for yourself, so I’ve put together some of my other top picks from the site for you to browse! 

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Coat Cardigan
Fall Fashion, Winter Fashion
Knit Sweater
Awfully Pretty,
Slit Back Dress
Awfully Pretty
Poppy Red Bralette
Canadain Company, online shopping
Bella Knot Ring
As a special gift to you dearest blog reader Awfully Pretty is offering you all 20% off – just simply use promo code “ShortPresents20” 

Happy Friday Fashionistas! 
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