Baby Gourmet – A Review

Lots of people make their own baby food, lots of people buy it and lots of people do both! I’m one of those people who loves to cook and making baby food is easy, so it’s a no brainer for me!  But let’s be realistic, I’m not going to be making my own prunes! (I don’t know about you but prunes are a staple baby food in this house

to help when he has “issues” :-D)  I want my baby to eat organic foods as often as possible and there are some things that are not worth my dollars or time to make myself, especially in the dead of winter when things aren’t in season.

Enter Baby Gourmet!


Disclaimer: this product was provided to me as a free sample from Baby Gourmet and I’m reviewing the product because it is a very good fit for my life and my blog and I’m giving you my honest opinion. 

If you visit their web site you will see that not only are all of the ingredients used in their products organic, but all of their packaging is BPA free.  It’s sold frozen rather than in a shelf stable jarred state.  So in a way, it kind of “feels” like homemade because all of my homemade baby food is frozen too!

The first thing that caught my attention about this product is how deliciously interesting the food combinations sound (and I have since found out taste!). 

Once he had already individually tried all of the foods included in these packages, I was happy to have him try them!  And for the record (I taste all of the things that he eats because why would I feed him something that is not good tasting?! I want him to have a positive experience with food), I would be happy to eat these myself!  First up was the Orchard Apple, Carrot & Prune simple puree:



He was all ready for lunch wondering what was on the menu for today!  I tend to give him quite a variety of food, even at his young age.  He’s tolerated all foods very well (so far) so my thinking is that if he’s exposed to a wide variety of foods on a regular basis, I’m hoping that he won’t develop a “I only like X and that’s all I’ll eat” attitude. (Yes I always wait several days between introducing new foods.)  Maybe it’s unavoidable, but since he’s tolerating everything so well, I can’t see how it can hurt!  So far he’s eating just about everything I’ve given him (with the exception of some homemade v. jarred preferences which I will discuss in other post). 

       IMG_8202 IMG_8203  IMG_8201  IMG_8199  IMG_8198 IMG_8204   

And I think this face speaks for itself, he ate every bite 🙂


I am very pleased with this baby food.  I am a Mom who makes her own food in addition to using pre-prepared foods too.  I don’t believe it has to be “all or nothing” so having this option available in addition to jarred foods is great!  In my area in Halifax, they are available at the Wal-Mart in Dartmouth Crossing.  I will say though, that the price is (obviously) higher than the jarred foods that I’ve seen.  I think the reason is obvious.  It seems like there is more innovation & effort put into this product to deliver a healthy organic high quality baby food where lots of thought and trial and error has been put into finding a great combinations of foods, all the while being sold in 100% BPA free packaging for your freezer.  There are some jarred combinations that all seem to taste the same! This is not an issue with this product. It is very flavourful & even exciting to give him. 

I definitely plan on picking up a few of these periodically to compliment the foods that I make as well as in addition to some of the jarred foods that are the staples of his diet!  As a new Mom (and an obvious food lover), I’m excited to provide the very best tasting foods for my son and this product makes me feel like I’m doing that!  Also as a new Mom, I’ll take any extra help I can get 😀

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