Baby New Year

Highlights of the past year:

Birth of my nephew
Presenting at the National Youth Care Conference
Landing a full-time term
Re-wired a lamp
Lowlights of the past year:
Uhhhhhhhhh, hmm. Guess it was a good year? 
Some people are anti resolution. Maybe they believe that you don’t need a “date” to make changes, but any ol’ day should do. 
I for one, disagree. I need the date, the starting line, the celebratory glass of champagne (the one in my hand is x2), the huzzah! Let’s go! Pep pep and on we travel! But instead of documenting my goals for 2009 here for all to see I’m going to take a page from Michael Phelps and keep my goals to myself this year. All that means is you’ll have to stick around for a year to see if I’m successful. It’ll be like a cliffhanger, only with less Emmy’s. 
This is the first year in a long time that I have both lived and worked at the same place for the entire calendar year. I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or not, but I would definitely like to see some more highlights in the new year. 
mmm, champagne tasty… 
I’m currently watching the Air Farce’s final show. It’s mostly out of a felt obligation, given that I haven’t found it particularly funny lately, but I can remember listening to their radio show on CBC and then watching the TV show (also on CBC). That was back in the heyday of Canadian political satire (and comedy in general), an arena that has waned in recent years, though Rick Mercer is still top of his game.
Speaking of Canadian culture, I love The Hour. I usually watch it at either 4 or 5 am during my backshifts, and I’m not usually disappointed. The interviews are either awesome or epic fails, both keep me up. My issue is the lack of Canadian content. Sarah Palin on the New Year’s Eve show? It’s great that he gets a lot of big names, but I want to know more about Canadian pop culture, and that is hard to find. 
Champagne distracts me, this post was supposed to be about me, goals and reflecting on the past year. I’m sure talking about the CBC is more riveting…

Moroccan Turkey Stew

Happy New Year!!!