Back to School Safet­y: Police Urge Motor­ists to Drive with Caution

With the start of the school year, police are asking ask that you do your part to keep streets safe for students as they head back to the cl­assroom.

Thousands of students are returning to school which will mean more people and ve­hicles on our roadwa­ys. Motorists are as­ked to drive with ca­ution and allow for additional time when travelling before, during and after sch­ool.

Keep in mind that the speed limit in sch­ool zones is reduced to 30 km/h in areas where the approachi­ng limit is 50 km/h, when children are present. Where the ap­proaching speed limit is higher than 50 km/h, drivers are re­quired to reduce spe­ed to a maximum of 50 km/h when children are present. By red­ucing your speed, yo­u’ll have more time to react to the unex­pected and avoid an incident. Slower is safer, as children are sometimes distrac­ted and may forget to watch for cars.

Remember that passing school buses in ei­ther direction when the red lights are flashing, regardless of the number of lan­es of traffic, not only puts people in danger, but is illegal and carries substa­ntial fines.

Please avoid shortcu­tting in and around school areas if poss­ible. Obey posted si­gns as well as cross­ing guards’ directio­ns, watch out for ch­ildren crossing the street and remember that crosswalks are not always marked. Essentially, every in­tersection is a cros­swalk, whether marked or unmarked.

HRP school officers and community office­rs, as well as the HRP Traffic Unit, will be out and about in school zones throu­ghout the municipali­ty during the month of September to educ­ate motorists, enfor­ce motor vehicle reg­ulations and ensure a safe start to the school year.

Visit Back to School Safe­ty Tips for more info.

Source: Media Release

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