B&E at Dal, group robs two at the Commons

Two overnight incidents from HRPD.

Two overnight incidents from HRPD.

Break and Enter
11:30pm 6299 South St. Dalhousie University Administration Building.

Halifax Police responded to a call of a break and enter in progress at the Dalhousie Administration Building. Dalhousie Security located a break into building and they believed the suspect was still inside. Security covered off all the exits from the building until police arrived.
Police located  the 19 year old accused on the top floor of the building. The accused had gained entry by smashing the window out of a ground floor door. On the top floor the accused had smashed several door windows, emptied the fire extinguishers all over the top floor, ripped off the fire alarms and had piled furniture in the elevator.

The accused is being held for court and faces break and enter and property damage charges.

9:30pm Halifax Commons

Two 18 year old males were walking in the Halifax Commons in the area of the skate park and playground. They came across 5 or 6 males and had a brief conversation. This group surrounded the victims and began punching them. The suspects took a kit bag from the victims which contained a wallet and personal items. The victims were able to run away. Police were not contacted for approximately 45 minutes. The area was searched for the suspects with negative results.
One victim had a swollen lip. The second victim appeared to have a broken nose and his lip required stitches.

All suspects were late teens or in their early 20s.
One suspect was described as tall, white, thin build, t shirt, jeans, skater sneakers and having large rings on his fingers.

The file remains under investigation.

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