Barry M/ Illamasqua giveaways

Continue with my lemming on UK brands, I gotta mention 2 giveaways to you, my readers.

The first fun giveaway is at Glitter Millie for her followers. The prize is either 5 Barry M Nail Paints or 1 Illamasqua Nail Polish, and some extras. Winner could suggest the shades, as long as they are available where Millie shops. Easy enough, right?

I would go for the Barry Ms, as I want to play with 5 colours instead of 1 🙂 But honestly, both brands are known for their great quality and colour selection, so either way, you are a winner if you win (does that make sense, lol?).

If you are interested, enter before September 9.

Another giveaway is at Lauren Loves … also for her followers.

The prizes include 2 Illamasqua powder eyeshadows in ‘Wonder’ and ‘Cry’, Illamasqua medium lip pencil in ‘Spell’, Revlon Vital Radiance under eye concealer in medium and 2 Velvotan self tan applicator mitts.

Start thinking about your slogan now (as it is one of the requirement to enter the giveaway). It’d be interesting to read everybody’s 🙂

You have about 2 days to enter, as closing date is August 28.

This gets me thinking, if I do a giveaway of my own (which I probably will), what prize I could pick to be able to make somebody goes “Oh I gotta enter!!!” like to the above giveaways. Canadian brands gotta work harder to get themselves known. The UK is doing so great.


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