Battery Power Driving the Web: Why It’s Important

Batteries. We all either like or hate that little Energizer battery flopping around the space station, while Duracell tell’s us it’s the battery of choice for emergency workers. But batteries play a vital role in the Web, one we don’t think about, yet are an invisible technology (except when they drain on us) that are a part of being engaged online. I’d invest in battery stocks myself; OK I already have.

There’s a big battle going on now over battery life in Netbooks, Laptops and Smart Phones (and here). In fact it’s become a key selling feature of some devices, almost as critical as the quality of the brand. Apple has been slammed for years over battery drainage for MacBooks (I can attest to that) and then over iPhone battery life – with Guy Kawasaki quickly posting tips on how to conserve power in them. Now both Apple and Microsoft are saying their new OS will support longer battery life.
We’ve become more and more mobile over the years and I’m sure we can all recall the many times at a cafe, restaurant and hotel or meeting room where the first thing we’ve done is look for a plug. Like we horde reward points on air miles, so we horde battery juice.
The ever increasing presence of wireless Web access, even on public transit and mobile carriers coming out with wireless 3G modems to easily connect attests to our increasing engagement with Netbooks, Laptops and Smart Phones. We just keep wanting more juice to power them.
This is leading to some serious innovations in battery technology and manufacturers are finding themselves ever more deeply engaged with chip manufacturers and other hardware component makers – all working to reduce power consumption while making processing better.
For us, the Web becomes ever more ubiquitous, and it’s batteries that are playing the role of keeping us connected. Don’t forget, all those data centres in the Cloud are also using BBU (Battery Back Ups) a well as generators for emergencies.
Yup, investing in battery stocks is probably a good idea. It’s what will keep the wireless Web hopping.
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