Be sure to follow the “HELMET” guide

Be sure to follow the “HELMET” guide With the onset of our summer weather, more children are out riding their bicycles.

The RCMP would like to remind kids that the following “HELMET” guide will go a long way to remind them to wear their helmets and ride safe:

H – Hands are for the handlebars and steering.
E – Excuses don’t exist for not wearing a helmet
L – Let drivers know if you are planning on turning right or left by using hand signals.
M – Mandatory safety equipment on a bike includes your helmet.
E – Ensure your parents know where you are going.
T -Tell your friends to wear their helmet.

“A little prevention can go a long way in keeping you safe,” says Cpl. Scott MacRae of Halifax District RCMP. “When riding your bicycle, wear your helmet and follow the rules of the road.”

In 1997, 15-year-old Amy Linders left her house for a bicycle ride. As bicycle helmet regulations had just come into effect, Amy’s mom called her back and made Amy wear a bicycle helmet. Reluctantly, Amy put her helmet on. As she was returning home from her ride, Amy was hit by a pickup truck. Her helmet played a major role in saving her life.

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HRM email system will be out of service this weekend