Beach Volleyball IS for the Dogs (SPCA Fundraiser)

Beach Volleyball IS for the Dogs (SPCA Fundraiser)

The NWT SPCA doesn’t have a shelter.  Doesn’t have a shelter you ask? Nope, they don’t have a shelter for their animals and it’s beyond terrible.  For many years, having its own shelter has been a dream for the NWT SPCA and over the past year, this dream is slowly but surely becoming a reality.

The shelter will be built in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories but it will also help support the other rescue shelters operating in the NWT;  Hay River (funded by the town of HR), Fort Smith, and the GSAH (Great Slave Animal Hospital). These shelters are almost always full and often overflowing which results in the operators of these shelters having to turn away homeless, abandoned, neglected, and abused animals, or call the NWT SPCA for help. At times, there has been up to four dogs in one kennel at the GSAH in their attempt to save as many of these helpless animals as possible. Since September of 2010, the NWT SPCA has transported and placed 90 dogs into other southern rescue shelters and homes as both the NWT SPCA and the GSAH do not currently have the capacity to provide them with their second chances at life here in the NWT.

But alas, there is hope… There is an amazing fundraising initiative underway to get a new shelter here in Yellowknife to help support the rest of the NWT.  The fundraising goal is $856,000 and they need $368,000 more, but they are confident they can do this with your help.

Shelter Details  The shelter is going to be about 3200 sq ft. with approximately 30 indoor dog kennels with access to the outside, as well as 10 outdoor “northern dog” kennels with houses and a dog run. There will also be room for about 10 cats and the facility will be as environmentally friendly as possible as well.

This up coming Saturday, August 13th, I’m playing in a charity beach volleyball tournament to help raise money to put towards the shelter.  Every pair’s team has been asked to raise a minimum of $100 and we have a goal of raising between $5,000 and $10,000. Ideally we’d like to raise as much money as possible but these two numbers are our goal because for $10,000 a company or group can have their name prominently displayed “furever” inside a Dog Apartment or inside a Cat Condo for $5,000.

I wasn’t planning on playing this weekend due to a sprained finger, but I’ve decided to suck it up and play anyway for this great cause.  Unfortunately this also means that I don’t have anything set up to accept donations online, but the NWT SPCA is accepting online donations. If you DO donate (which you obviously should) please contact me at or comment on this post how much, your full name and the transaction # if you can.  If you’d prefer to donate directly to me, email me and we can arrange a way to donate and make sure that your name gets on the pledge sheet (and that you get your tax deductible receipt).

Thanks guys!

PS, if you need ANY convincing on whethere or not to donate, have a look at the dogs and cats that are up for adoption on their website and read their stories.  Some of the stories I’ve read on there and some of the pictures I’ve seen have actually brought tears to my eyes. What these animals go through is beyond pointless and terrible and we can help give them a better life.


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