Bedford Board Games and Barrington Dumplings


An interesting week, I had a little bit of media attention with radio spots on C100 and News957. I gave the website a bit of makeover and had a post about how Winners has their own brand names


Regal Gifts, has ceased operations. Regal let us make questionable purchases before the internet existed and of course, they had the “good” wrapping paper.

The Board Room Cafe is opening a second location in Bedford. They will be setting up in the plaza across from Mill Cove Sobeys, where Jumping Bean Coffee recently opened.

Qiu Brothers Dumplings is setting up across from the DAL Sexton Gym on Barrington St. They will start serving this coming week.

The Vault will be opening a Pandora only store at Halifax Shopping Centre in November

Wrap So D, closed their Seaport Market stall yesterday after 12 years of breakfast wraps and cinnamon rolls. Who is going to sing Barenaked Ladies and Elton John tunes now?


Build it and they will come? Four units three were leased, but now all three businesses have failed (Starbucks, SMoke’s and Battered Fish) and this plaza in Woodside is now vacant.


The former FRED on Agricola was bought by Pete, but it will be someone else operating Chain Yard Cidery which is the tenant.


The sign finally went up on the Dollarama on Lacewood. Traditionally stores open 3-4 weeks after the sign is put up.

East Coast Bakery on Quinpool has now been certified as Kosher.

Marriott has purchased the Ramada in Burnside and will be rebranding it as a Delta Hotel.

Here’s a pic of the final design for the new Garden View on Main St.


On Thursday, Sept 22, from 6pm-9pm there is going to be a block party on Portland Street and will be Pedestrian only from Alderney to King. Details will be here.


So the Arby’s in Bedford has been sold to HRM, and it will become a fire station!

Humble Pie has a new All Day Breakfast pie, and it’s amazing.

and finally a little greeting for all the university students joining our community.

Labour Day – What’s open?

Man arrested after overnight stabbing